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How to use your social media to increase your brand awareness

Published on 01 October, 2021

Brand awareness is the first crucial step in the marketing funnel as it shows how aware consumers are of a brand. It drives consumers' decisions, encourages repeat purchases, and increases market share and sales, so being in the public consciousness is a crucial part of your business strategy.

Social media has become a great place to raise brand awareness; with the number of social media users reaching 3.6 billion people in 2020, an increasing number of businesses are looking to plug their brands online.

Whether you are offering a service or selling a product, you undoubtedly need social media to increase your brand awareness. But with so much competition, making your message stick in people's minds has never been so important.

Why is social media great for brand awareness?

Brands want to be easily recognisable and a brand that springs to mind first. Social media offers an effective platform for brands to promote themselves, maintain customer relationships and find new leads. It’s common for people to hear about new brands because a friend or contact mentions them on social media, tagging them in a post when they’ve really enjoyed their product, making it a highly effective way to generate new leads.

Social media is also one of the most cost-effective ways to promote your brand. In fact, it can cost you next to nothing. More traditional approaches to raising brand awareness tend to be expensive and have a lower return on investment. That’s why brands should consider social media as their main strategy for building awareness.

Here are our top tips for how you can best utilise social media to increase your brand awareness.

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Pick the right platform

It can be hard to keep up with all the different social media platforms. But you don't have to use them all. Instead, choose the right ones for your target audience. Focus on which platforms your customers, potential customers and audience spend their time. Just focusing on a maximum of three sites – for example, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter – will ensure your marketing efforts are both targeted and manageable. Below is a quick social media platform categorisation table to get you started.

Platform Largest Age Group Majority gender Content forms
Facebook 25-34 56% female

Images/Video/Text/Stories/Live videos

Instagram (now owned by Facebook) 25-34 57% female


Live videos

Twitter 30-49 68% male


Live videos

LinkedIn 46-55 51% male


Live videos

Snapchat 13-34 58% female Images/video
TikTok 18-24 59% female Video
Pinterest 30-49 78% female Images
YouTube 15-25 72% of all male and female internet users Video

Show your personality

It's common for a brand's social media presence to start looking like every other brand. Rather than making an effort to stand out, they play it safe by just posting a link or a photo and adding a couple of hashtags. If you want to raise your brand awareness, you need to go the extra mile. People want more than just links and promos – that means showing your brand's personality. Give your brand a distinct voice by posting human-centric content that makes it sound human rather than a bot.

Don't be afraid to have an opinion

Showing your brand's personality means not being afraid to let it have an opinion. People increasingly want brands to take a stand on the issues they feel passionate about. But just parroting what everyone else is saying won't do much to raise brand awareness. Don't be afraid to stand by your brand's principles. It's a great way to get people talking and help you stand out from everyone else, but you need to tread lightly and avoid alienating your audience. Don't just stir things up for the sake of clicks, be bold because that's your brand's approach.

Polish your profiles

When a follower looks at your social media profiles, they should be able to recognise your brand straight away. You also want them to understand what your brand is about quickly. From your profile images to social bios, how you set up your profile will determine whether people will recognise your brand. But you have just a few seconds to get their attention and tell them who you are. Therefore, an uncluttered, well-optimised profile with a good photo will clearly spell out your brand to anyone who doesn't already know you.

Always share great content

It should go without saying, but if you want to raise your brand's profile using social media, you need to be sharing awesome content. After all, no one will want to read or share content if it doesn't offer any value to your audience. Shares rely on interesting, stimulating content, so make sure everything you post is engaging and worth sharing, including visual content. Facebook posts that feature images get around 2.3 more engagement than text-only posts. Social media users are far more likely to want to share something visually appealing with videos often getting more hits than still content – just look at the rise of TikTok and the recent change in Instagram’s algorithm to incorporate more video content.

Make your posts stand out

You are just one of the countless brands hoping to catch the attention of social media users. A bit of creativity will go a long way. Whether it's using colour, unique imagery, or even illustrations, you can make people stop scrolling by and take notice of you. But don't just opt for generic stock photos used everywhere, use imagery unique to your brand that tells a story.

Use influencers

Whether we like it or not, influencers have become increasingly valuable for raising brand awareness. As many as 61% of people have been persuaded by online influencers at some point. Influencers are people who have built up a large social media following, so it makes good business sense to use their services to drive up brand awareness across social media. Contact influencers relevant to your specific niche or industry as they are more likely to have your target audience as followers already and really pack a punch with them.

Remember to be social

There’s a good reason why it’s called social media! If you aren’t social and communicative, then there’s not much point in being there, to begin with. Being social on social media means posting content that encourages your followers to leave comments, responding to comments left on your posts and generally initiating conversations with your followers. By being proactive and reactive, you will quickly grow your followers, keep those you have already and will be a brand that people easily remember.

Share your reviews

Sharing customer reviews on social media is a great way to show your brand is credible and trustworthy. It shows that other people trust your brand and have successfully used your products and services, helping your brand generate more leads and earn new customers.

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Tag people to get their attention

Tagging is a great way to increase your brand awareness. Anyone you tag in your posts on Instagram or Twitter will get a notification that earns you an extra chance to engage with them. It's also a great way to make a positive impression among key people in your industry.

Take all feedback seriously

Pay attention to the shares, likes, and comments your posts receive. It will tell you a lot about your followers and their interests. By measuring these types of metrics, you use them to form a strategy. Take on board the comments and feedback your posts receive, especially any negative ones. All your followers will see how you respond to criticism or negative feedback, so take each comment seriously and consider your response carefully before hitting reply.

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Be consistent

The only way anyone can become aware of your brand on social media is by you posting content consistently. Brands should aim to put out content several times a day across different social media platforms including videos on YouTube and other interesting content like podcasts across all the relevant channels for your customers. If you don't, there will be many other brands in your industry that are. If the prospect of pushing out content more than once a day seems daunting, there are scheduling tools you can use that make it easy for you to keep a regular and consistent presence online.

Measure your results

As with any good marketing plan, you should be tracking everything you can regarding your brand awareness initiatives. Pay close attention to your engagement statistics on your social media profiles to see the reach and interaction of your posts and adverts you are getting. Monitor the visibility of your content to see whether it's trending upwards and experiment with what you are doing until you feel you are where you want to be.

Keep an eye on your website analytics to see what referral traffic you are getting from your socials and track links on your posts so you can effectively gather and scrutinise this data. There are software tools designed to simplify this process, such as Ahrefs, which will help you monitor and learn from what your competitors are doing. Social mention tools are also helpful with tracking mentions of your brand across social media to see who is talking about you and how much.

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Increasing brand awareness is essential to growing a brand. But while social media has made the process a lot easier, it doesn't mean to say you can get away with the occasional post and share. There are lots of variables involved, especially as you must approach each social media platform differently. However, by following these tips, you will soon be on your way to raising your brand awareness, boosting revenue, and securing your brand's growth.

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