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MAD-HR Ltd use Feefo reviews to attract new clients by boosting credibility and trust


With offices in Ipswich, Chelmsford and Norwich, MAD-HR Ltd are a human resources consultancy dedicated to making a difference through the provision of quality training, advice and support to their client base of employers across the east of England.

The challenge

Gathering client feedback and testimonials has always been important to MAD-HR, but using multiple platforms such as Google, LinkedIn and emails to collect this feedback meant that the experience wasn’t wholly consistent.

To complicate the process further, the need for accounts and logins to these various platforms meant that leaving feedback was a difficult and lengthy process, which often led to the client abandoning the task altogether.

MAD-HR decided to look for a more convenient feedback platform which would remove any unnecessary hurdles from the process, so they could continue to demonstrate their value and services to potential clients and boost the visibility of their brand.

The solution

Feefo's easy to use platform stood out to the team at MAD-HR, as well as the credibility that comes with a verified, invitation-only review. MAD-HR have found their perfect feedback partner.

“Not only is Feefo easy to administer and monitor at our end, but it also makes it so simple for our clients to leave feedback, so it’s great from a user experience perspective. We chose to partner with Feefo as they’re an independent, credible platform that is verifiable and trusted.” Carole Burman, Managing Director, MAD-HR


After implementing Feefo and enabling both product and service reviews, MAD-HR discovered that both asking clients for their feedback, monitoring the reviews, and displaying them on their site was a seamless process.

“Feefo removed a lot of the friction between asking our clients for reviews, and our clients posting their feedback. The whole process was simplified, making it easy for clients to leave reviews without feeling daunted by any complicated, technical barriers”.

Not only was collecting feedback now easier than ever before, but the features within the Feefo platform meant that MAD-HR could use them throughout their marketing and digital presence to boost trust in their brand.

“Being able to ingrate our Feefo reviews throughout our marketing - our website and email signatures, for example – meant that we could add a really strong level of social proof through everything we do. Even when it comes to writing a blog, we can enhance that page with a relevant Feefo review from a happy client which really proves the quality of our service”.


The results

Feefo made it simple for MAD-HR to show the success of their services using brand advocates and social proof, rather that solely relying on the promises of the brand themselves.

The evidence of this social proof lies in the new sales enquires that MAD-HR started to receive, in which prospective clients themselves have mentioned Feefo reviews they’ve come across when researching the business. By implementing Feefo, MAD-HR have increased conversion as well as the trust and credibility in their brand.

MAD-HR also discovered that Feefo reviews were having a positive impact on the brand as an employer.

“We found that applicants were reviewing our client testimonials as part of the recruitment process to determine whether MAD-HR was somewhere they could envisage themselves working. The strength of our reviews really helps to set us apart when it comes to attracting new team members.”

The feedback MAD-HR received has also had a positive effect on their current employees too. The team love delivering a great service to their clients and so it was a bonus that the Directors were able to share client feedback amongst team members so that it could be recognised and celebrated.

“As well as showcasing the effectiveness of our services, our Feefo reviews have had a significant effect on our existing staff as well as new starters. They of course help us to improve and evolve our service by identifying areas of development, but they also really help to reinforce the ‘client first’ approach that has always been so integral to the way we work.”

MAD-HR soon discovered that by collecting feedback through Feefo, they were finding out more about their business and services than they ever had before.

“We enjoy an open dialogue with all our clients, but the independent nature of the Feefo platform gives clients the opportunity to leave feedback very quickly via a neutral third party. This can sometimes give clients the opportunity to give opinions that they might not feel inclined to give us when we are ‘face to face’ with them – giving us more insight than ever before, and more opportunities to develop. This actually led to us making the decision to invest in improving our HR toolkit”.

The introduction of Feefo to the business has been so successful, that it has now become integral to MAD-HR’s internal processes. The team work hard to ensure they are regularly reviewing their clients’ experiences across their range of products and services. All clients are asked to post a review with Feefo, and every single review is discussed internally to help facilitate their drive for constant improvement.