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uses Review Enhanced Ads to increase revenue by 35%

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The Challenge

Fire Label are a family owned B2B supplier of wholesale promotional clothing, selling everything from socks to shirts.

Paid search advertising plays a large role in their digital marketing strategy, but they needed a way to drive more visitors to their site and optimise their ad quality; with the ultimate goal of increasing revenue through more traffic on their highest converting product terms. With over 1,250 genuine customer reviews already collected through Feefo proving the quality of their products and service, Fire Label were the perfect fit for Feefo’s Review Enhanced Ads (REA) service.


“Having recently started using Feefo for our reviews service, we were very impressed with the way the company worked and their forward-thinking approach when it came to AI and automation - something which has come in very handy with a PPC account as large as ours.”

Sam Turner, Sales Director



increase in revenue

The Solution

Partnering with Feefo’s REA team gave Fire Label immediate access to a dedicated PPC expert to oversee and grow their account. Working closely with their senior directors, expectations and requirements were clearly defined during the simple onboarding process.

Meanwhile, Feefo’s REA sentiment analysis technology set to work, automatically identifying the most positive snippets from Fire Label’s customer reviews and building them directly into their ad copy. This process quickly created a series of persuasive ads that uses the voice of their customers to drive higher-quality traffic through to the site.

Each advert built for Fire Label through REA is continuously A/B tested against more traditional copy to ensure that only the best performing ads are being served to the audience. This process is fully automated, so their Account Manager has more time to provide strategic support, and work on ways to optimise the Fire Label account further.



increase in conversion rates



reduction in cost-per-conversion

The Results

Since adopting REA, Fire Label have seen a dramatic upturn in the quality and performance of their search ads, resulting in higher click-through rates and more revenue.

Brand term ads including positive review snippets such as “Good quality at great price” and “Great customer service, quick delivery and good product. 5/5” led to an increase in conversion rates of 33% when tested against ads with more traditional CTA-led copy. These same ads also reduced the cost-per-conversion by as much as 24%.

The same approach was taken for product ads, with similarly positive results.

Including both short and long tail review snippets within the ad copy for t-shirts saw click-through rates rise by up to 11%.

With such a short window of opportunity to capture the imagination of shoppers searching on Google, using the emotional pull of customer reviews in their ad copy continues to make a big difference to Fire Label’s paid search advertising.

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