Will I qualify for a 2023 Trusted Service Award?

Every year we’re impressed by how much our customers look forward to the Trusted Service Awards and we’re already getting lots of questions about the upcoming 2023 awards – particularly as we’ve introduced our new Exceptional Service categories for 2023.

What are the Trusted Service Awards? 

The Trusted Service Awards are a unique reflection of the commitment our customers make to delivering exceptional customer experiences and are awarded solely on the genuine opinions of your customers. 

Previous winners know that Feefo’s Trusted Service Awards enable your brand to stand out for your quality of customer experience, giving your consumers greater confidence, as well as inspiring your staff and improving your overall business performance. 

What are the Exceptional Service categories? 

Our Exceptional Service categories are a new part of the Trusted Service Awards for 2023, giving your business the opportunity to go even further when it comes to delivering exceptional customer service.  

We've based the Exceptional Service categories on consistent service performance, customer interaction and engagement, with one award for each size of business (small, medium and large) across eight different industry sectors. That means these new awards are exclusive - we'll only select one winner per industry, per category. 

We have more information about our new categories, including eligibility criteria, in our blog. 

Am I on track to receive an award? 

Our customers often ask us if they’re on track to receive a Trusted Service Award. To make things easier, answer the questions below to find out if you’re on your way and what you need to do to become eligible for an award in 2023. 

Frequently asked questions

We’ve also answered some of the most common questions we’re being asked about the Trusted Service Awards. If you need more help or have a question we haven’t answered here, please get in touch with your Feefo Account Manager or our Support team, who will be happy to help. 

How do I qualify for the new Exceptional Service badge in 2023? 

There are two ways to win one of the exclusive new Exceptional Service badges for 2023. We will award one badge across eight different sectors for:

  • Most exceptional small business (up to 50 employees)
  • Most exceptional SME business (51 - 250 employees)
  • Most exceptional Enterprise business (over 250 employees)
  • Demonstration of exceptional customer service improvements

To be in with a chance of winning an award for Exceptional Service in 2023, your company must already qualify for a Trusted Service Award from Feefo, with additional criteria for each category outlined in this blog.

Do I have to do anything to claim my award? 

No – if you meet all the requirements above by 31 December 2022, we’ll notify you by email when the awards are announced in early 2023. Make sure you’re signed up to receive emails from Feefo. 

I’m a Reevoo customer, can I qualify for a Trusted Service Award? 

Yes, all Reevoo customers who migrate over until the end of June 2023 are eligible for a Trusted Service Award (provided you meet the criteria). Reevoo overall review scores will be divided by two to form your new Feefo score. For example, if you have a Reevoo overall review score of 9.6, your new Feefo score will be 4.8. 

If I win an award, what’s the best way to promote our win? 

All award winners get access to a Winner’s Pack, which includes different assets you can use across your marketing, including social media GIFs, images and award badges. We recommend reading our guide on how to make the most of your Trusted Service Award for inspiration. 


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