Using AI to bring back the human touch to your CX


The Amazons, Ubers and Netflixs of this world have set the bar pretty high when it comes to customer experience (CX). Want a completely tailored recommendation for your next purchase? You got it. How about instant assistance at the click of a button, even at 2am? Sure, it’s yours.

Today’s consumers are used to artificial intelligence (AI) by now, but don’t let that fool you into thinking that the ‘human touch’ can be left to die a death when it comes to CX. Human engagement still ranks high on  consumers’ wish lists, with studies revealing that 79% of people see interacting with a human as an important aspect of receiving good customer service.

So, you want to use AI to deliver an experience to your customers that would leave Amazon quaking in their boots, but don’t want to lose sight of the human element of your business? Striking the perfect balance can prove to be tricky, but you can’t use one approach without the other. Confused? Let us explain how you can use AI to bring the human touch back to your CX.  

Make your customer service team more available

We love AI, but we love your customer service team more. Yep, we know ‘the robots are coming’ and all that, but let’s not get carried away – the skills of your customer service team, such as compassion, integrity, and even humour, can’t be replaced by tech. Whilst it’s important to keep your CS team at hand, freeing up their time to deal with more complex problems is where AI can really come into play. New AI tools are popping up throughout the support space that can not only address, but deal with all kinds of questions and queries, giving your CS team more time to address those issues that need a touch of human empathy.

Understand your customers

Like we mentioned earlier – you can’t deliver the human touch, in this case, showing that you truly understand your customers, without embracing AI first. Using machine learning technology, you can get access to more data than you ever imagined possible from man-power alone, which can in turn help you to find out exactly who your customers are, what they’re thinking, and what they really want. Clever tools using sentiment analysis, for example, use algorithms to detect the emotion behind feedback, helping businesses to identify how their customers are feeling about certain areas of their business.

The better understanding you have of how your customers are feeling, the easier it is to give them what they want. It’s as simple as that.

Personalise the journey

Something that consumers are already used to, and dare we say it, expect, is a completely tailored service. AI is the key to giving them this much-loved personalised experience, whether that be using data gained from past purchases to recommend a new gadget, or using dynamic web content which changes depending on a customer’s location. This personalisation does wonders for the CX, making customers feel as though they’re not only valued, but are understood too.

Put AI into action

There’s no denying that AI has brought with it a load of tools that can make life easier, but just because something can be automated, don’t assume it should be! Choosing the right AI solution for you could be the difference between losing sight of that ‘human touch’ you’re so loved for, and super-charging your CX to new heights.  

Learn more about how you can bring the human touch back to your business with our AI-powered tools and sentiment analysis technology by getting in touch with a member of our team today!

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