The Feefo consumer report: leaving & using online reviews [Infographic]

What do customers really think of online reviews?

To get the bigger picture, from the consumers’ perspective, we undertook our biggest research project to date. Surveying 2,000 everyday shoppers from all over the UK and every age group, we sought to explore how ratings and reviews play their part in 2017.

Our report – Online reviews: The consumers’ perspective – reveals that reviews are as popular as ever for customers. Practically everyone is influenced by them, and more shoppers use them to guide purchase decisions, whether at home, or in-store.

The results are contained within our information packed report: Online reviews: the consumers’ perspective, and is available to download now.

Some of the exciting findings from the second section of the report – Leaving & using online reviews – can be found on the infographic below. 

Consumer report using and leaving online reviews-1.jpg

Download the report now


Understanding what encourages consumers to leave reviews is important. Businesses can help customers by avoiding lengthy feedback processes, asking tedious questions that take too long to answer, and ensuring you personally invite customers to leave their review.

For more tips, and to see the full findings from our research, download the Feefo Consumer Report today. Keep an eye out for the third part in this series, coming soon!

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