The Feefo consumer report is here!

At Feefo, we put a lot of effort into understanding what makes consumers tick. We work with businesses all over the world to provide a platform that helps them listen, learn and put what their customers have to say to good use.

We’ve always known that consumers have the most powerful and reliable insight into the customer experience: how they use reviews, whether they trust them and what they would like to see in future. And that makes sense – if businesses are trying to understand more about their customers, why not hear it straight from them?

So we did!

We invited 2,000 everyday people, from all over the UK and of various ages, to take part in the biggest research undertaking we’ve ever done, to answer the question: How can we do more to help customers and businesses get more out of reviews?

Presenting: ‘Online Reviews: The Consumers’ Perspective’

The report dives into four important areas:

–  Looking at the landscape: What motivates customers to choose brands and select products? Simply put: how do shoppers shop in 2017?

–  Using and leaving online reviews: Reviews are a crucial part of the buyers’ journey – but why? And just how much do they influence decisions?

–  Building trust: Feefo spends a lot of time safeguarding both consumers and businesses from the menace of fake feedback. But are customers worried? And what helps them feel secure in their choices?

– The future of reviews: The reviews landscape is always evolving – but what do customers want to see in the future of reviews, and how can businesses get on board?

The report is available to download now.

For more information about what we found, or to chat about any of our research, drop us a line at

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