The power of positive reviews - Why you should give the gift of feedback


If you’re feeling gloomy this week, you’re not alone. It’s generally believed that a combination of the miserable weather and post-Christmas blues results in lots of us feeling a little down in the dumps at this time of the year.

With Blue Monday (the so-called ‘most depressing day of the year’) behind us we’re focusing on our favourite, but lesser talked about day this week instead, National Compliment Day.

January 24th is the perfect opportunity to put the pep back in your step by giving out a compliment or two. Sure, it’s great to compliment your friends, your colleagues and your dog, but how about all the businesses that have put a smile on your face, or made your day that little bit easier?

Customer reviews have become an integral part of the purchasing process, yet according to our research, only 24% of shoppers said that they leave reviews regularly. Whether your most recent online purchase turned up earlier than you expected, or you received some outstanding customer service from your estate agent, leaving positive feedback for a business that you love is the perfect way of not just giving yourself a boost, but helping others out too.

Here are a few ways that leaving a positive review can give you that much-needed January boost!

Sharing is caring

You’ve had a great experience, so why not make sure that others know about it so they can reap the benefits too? Leaving customer feedback is the new ‘word of mouth’. Whereas traditionally it may have been up to friends and family to pass on their recommendations, 84% of customers now believe that reviews from real customers are significantly more important as a seal of approval.  Leaving a glowing review for a product or service may just be the reason a customer takes the plunge and makes a purchase!


A little thank you goes a long way

If you’re pleased with the service or product you’ve received, saying thank you in the form of a review is a great way of expressing your gratitude. Not only will it pass on your super-positive vibes, but studies have suggested that being grateful can improve your own well-being and emotional state, too!


Express yourself

Reviews give you an opportunity to tell the masses exactly how you’re feeling, and that can be pretty empowering. Writing an enthusiastic, positive review about something you really like means you can express your opinions in a public space where you have the power to really put a business in the spotlight!


Get in the community spirit

There’s something comforting about the feeling of community, and sharing a review amongst like-minded people is a great way of bringing people together. For lots of people, leaving positive reviews is a good way of contributing to a cause within a community and opening up a discussion which could benefit both consumers and businesses alike.


Negative reviews are good, too!  

Ok, so it may be National Compliment Day, but negative reviews are important too. After all, without knowing their weaknesses and shortcomings, how can a business fix their problems and improve their service? If you’ve had a bad experience, don’t be afraid to write a negative review, so long as it’s fair, honest and constructive.



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