News from the Hub – See the impact from your Feefo reviews page

If you use Feefo, you’ll know how important the Feefo reviews page is. It’s an independent page that allows people who are searching for your reviews to see every rating and piece of feedback you’ve received. It helps build trust in your brand and link directly back to your website, so people can go from reading your reviews to buying your products!

You asked us to show you just how much of an impact this is having on your business, and we listened. Now, as soon as you log in to the Hub, you are met with a new metric on the dashboard called ‘Review page impact over last month’. This tells you how many unique visitors viewed your Feefo reviews page over the past month, the number of people who then went on to visit your website and the number of people that visited your product pages.

reviews page impact

Now you can assign real value to your Feefo reviews page, without having to dig through Google Analytics. Traffic to your website not only means brand awareness, but conversions too!

Of course, it’s important that your Feefo feedback is also displayed on your website and product pages. Once someone clicks through from your reviews page, this will help continue to build trust in your business and push those browsers to convert into customers.

It’s worth noting, if your reviews are set to private and you don’t have a Feefo reviews page, you won’t see this new feature within the Hub.

We hope you find this new metric helpful and valuable to your Feefo experience. If you have any feedback or any questions, please feel free to drop us a line.

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