News from the Hub: Say hello to the new Product Stars widget

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Product Stars widget

You asked, we listened!

You can now get those precious product stars appearing across your product search results and catalogue pages with just one simple piece of code.

Like this...

Product Stars widget 1

Popping this line of code at the top of your product search page matches each of the products on show with their unique product SKU and dynamically pulls through the corresponding rating. Not only that, we’ve made every rating interactive with a nifty pop up display that gives shoppers a complete breakdown of the feedback each product has received.

All of this will help make the experience of shopping on your site a breeze for visitors by letting them see ratings earlier in the buying journey. Oh, and it’ll also do wonders for your product page performance.

Benefits of product stars:

  • Increase trust in your products earlier in the buying journey
  • Boost click-through rates to your product pages
  • Drive more sales across your site

Product Updates

New and improved widget gallery

We’re proud of the number of widgets and plugins we offer, but we weren’t proud of how they looked on the Hub.

We’ve revamped the ‘widgets’ section to bring a fresh, modern, and clean look to help you better understand what each of our widgets look like and, most importantly, how they’ll help you and your business. 

Whether you’re looking to build trust, boost conversions or impact your SEO, you can find the right widget for you, easier and quicker than ever before with our new filtering system.

widget gallery

Response Undo

Responding to reviews is a great way to show that you’re listening and learning from what your customers are telling you, but sometimes mistakes are made, or we say something we wish we could take back.

At Feefo, we think everyone deserves a second chance. That’s why you can now re-write your feedback responses within 30 seconds of sending. This gives you the opportunity to undo those pesky autocorrect errors or tone down that rather matter of fact response you were just about to send to the person who'd left you a one-star review.


We’re working round the clock to make Feefo better for you and your business. We’d love to hear your suggestions for how we can improve the Feefo experience even more. Visit the Knowledge Base to share your ideas!

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