5 Feefo tools that can help you right now

The longer this current situation plays out, the clearer it becomes that coming out the other side of this isn't just about adapting to a 'new normal'. To get as prepared as you can be for a future that's impossible to predict, you need to arm yourself with a strategy.

The decisions you make from here on out are the ones that could have the biggest influence on your future business, and it’s more important than ever that you stop and listen to what your customers are telling you. Things have changed, and it’s time to take stock of exactly what those things are.

With that in mind, we’ve handpicked five products than can help you turn the tide by giving you the extra insight you need to improve your customer experience or give your customers the confidence they need to click the ‘buy’ button.

1. Feefo Surveys


Feefo Surveys allows you to collect feedback from anyone, anywhere, at any time. Unlike reviews, which are typically public-facing and only sent out to verified customers, surveys are private and anonymous, so they can be sent to gather feedback from anyone about anything! This means that as well as asking your customers how they’re feeling, you can also reach out to those who didn’t make it to the checkout page or darted around your site before leaving. You could even distribute the link to your surveys via social media to get a clearer view of your brand reputation.

If you can’t collect reviews right now or simply want to delve deeper into how consumers feel about your brand and your entire customer experience, Surveys is the perfect tool for your business.  

Features at a glance

  • - Share surveys easily with a simple link
  • - Use skip logic to tailor surveys to user responses
  • - Simple reports make it easy to identify reoccurring themes in your feedback

How can Feefo Surveys help right now?

Employee engagement

Happy staff = a great customer experience, and you need to be looking out for your employees now more than ever. Are they feeling under pressure? Do they have the tools they need to handle the influx of enquiries? What can you do to support them better? Surveys gives you the opportunity to reach out for safe, anonymous feedback from your team that can help you connect more with employees and create a working environment that they want to be a part of, and where they can better support your customers.

Nobody knows as much about your products, services and customers as your front-line staff, so give them the opportunity to flag internal issues that could be holding your business back.


Customer experience management

87% of consumers who’ve had a great experience will make a repeat purchase, so understanding the finer points of your customer experience is crucial, especially in today’s climate. Is the user experience as smooth as it could be on your website? What challenges are customers having when they contact your customer service team? Surveys are easy to distribute – once you’ve created the survey, simply copy and paste the link into a pop-up on your website or include it as part of your live chat journey.


Forecast for the future

Predicting the future is never easy, especially when a situation such as this causes your customers to change, and a ‘new normal’ is on the cards. Fortunately, the people that hold the answers are right in front of you. Asking consumers about their future spending habits and new priorities can help paint a picture of what things might be like down the road and allow you to plan your product and marketing road map accordingly.

  • 2. Smart Themes


Consumers are looking for reassurance at every turn right now, so the more you can do to let them know that you’re there for them and continuing to deliver business as usual, the more likely they are to trust your brand and continue to use you.

Smart Themes gives you the ability to showcase the right review content at the right points in the customer’s journey, giving them the confidence and reassurance needed to make that purchase. It also intelligently filters and displays the top trending themes and topics, so that visitors to your site can quickly and easily access the reviews that they are interested in e.g. delivery or customer service.

Features at a glance

  • - AI tech automatically groups reviews into popular themes, so browsers can find the feedback that matters       to them
  • - Display review quotes on any part of your website to build customer confidence in your products and               services
  • - Completely customise our Topic and Snippet widgets so they match your website’s branding

How can Smart Themes help right now?

Increase consumer confidence

With emotions running high, consumers need to feel even more reassured that they can trust what they’re buying and who they’re buying from. Our Smart Themes Snippet widget allows you to highlight which aspects of your product or service are being reviewed positively and strategically display these on key parts of your website, such as checkout pages, giving unsure browsers the confidence to complete their purchase.


Keep consumers on your site

It’s easier now than ever for shoppers to move from site to site, especially when they’ve got nothing but time to browse in the current climate. By making it easier to find the feedback that’s important to them, they can easily do the research they need without having to look elsewhere.

For example, if you sell phones and shoppers want to know what the battery life is like or if the camera is any good, they can filter reviews by those features to see what other people are saying, both good and bad. This allows the customer to make an informed decision they’re confident with, so they’re more likely to go ahead with their purchase.

3. Performance Profiling


Customer reviews aren’t just about gold stars – they're full of insight which can help give you a completely different perspective of your business. Unlocking that insight can be time consuming and laborious, which is where Feefo’s Performance Profiling comes in.

Artificial intelligence (AI) technology analyses your customer feedback and automatically surfaces the topics mostly commonly mentioned in your reviews, giving you an at-a-glance report of everything that your customers are talking about and the emotions behind their feedback. This allows you to see what you should be promoting (because customers are raving about it) and where you need to make changes quickly because customers are unhappy. Topics can range from ‘service’, ‘issue’ and ‘response’ to the names of individual customer service team members!

Not only does Performance Profiling put your business under the microscope, it also helps your team to do a better job of what really matters right now – looking after your customers!

Features at a glance

  • - Understand and measure the emotion behind your feedback
  • - Automatically identifies the most commonly mentioned topics in your reviews and tells you what actions           you need to take
  • - Easy to understand reports that group feedback trends and identify your biggest priorities

How can Performance Profiling help right now?

Reduce customer churn

Your customers are the lifeline of your business, and that’s never been more prevalent than it is now. Performance Profiling can help you improve retention and reduce churn by highlighting gaps in your customer experience or key issues you weren’t aware of. This allows you to make changes quickly before these problems really start to impact your business and your reputation.


Improve your marketing efforts

Right now your marketing efforts should be based on what your customers care about most. Is fast delivery most important or does an attentive customer service team come first? Performance Profiling shows you what topics are currently at the forefront of your customers’ minds. For example, if you can see ‘delivery’ is getting mentioned a lot in a negative context, you can dig a bit deeper to see why. Maybe delivery is slow or perhaps peoples’ parcels keep getting lost. In contrast, if the topic ‘support’ is getting a lot of positive mentions, you know your customer service team is nailing it right now, so make sure you shout about it in your marketing communications!


Save time and resources

Our AI does the hard work for you by automatically analysing all of your reviews and letting you know where your strengths and weaknesses are. This means your customer service and marketing teams don’t have to waste hours of their time sifting through thousands of reviews – allowing them to get the insight they need and act on it quickly.

“Feefo’s AI-powered Performance Profiling tool has enabled us to improve our delivery process and initiated some fascinating conversations between us and our customers, resulting in Iceland being able to better respond, listen and take action on feedback.”

Rachel Lewis, Customer Response Co-Ordinator, Iceland

Read the full case study here.

4. Campaign Manager Tool


Your customers may know they’re one of thousands, but that doesn’t mean they want to be treated that way. Campaign Manager Tool allows you to run multiple feedback campaigns, tailor your messaging and target specific parts of your customer base to personalise the feedback journey, improve response rates and get a more complete understanding of your customer experience.

Features at a glance

  • - Collect feedback at every touchpoint, from initial enquiry through to the sales experience and beyond
  • - Tailor feedback requests to different audiences and increase response rates
  • - Create private feedback campaigns to analyse the more sensitive areas of your business

How can Campaign Manager Tool help right now?

Get more feedback

The quality and consistency your customer experience offers should take centre stage right now, so it’s vital to collect as much feedback as possible. By tailoring your feedback campaigns to your different customer personas, you increase the chances of getting a response, allowing you to collect more insights about the processes you wish to improve.


Strengthen your customer relationships

Your customers are looking for a human connection, so you need to take every opportunity you can to personalise the experience they have with your business, including when you ask for feedback! Get to know your customers better, understand their needs and build better relationships with them.


Understand your entire customer experience

Most businesses collect feedback about their customers’ purchase experience, but that’s not the only interaction you have with your customers, which means you could be missing out on some key insight. How do your customers feel about your customer service, for example? Are you asking what they thought about the delivery? Campaign Manager Tool allows you to create an unlimited number of feedback campaigns, so you can collect feedback at every stage of your customers’ journey.

By using Campaign Manager Tool to strategically ask for feedback at any stage of the customer journey, estate agent Andrews achieved a 27% feedback response rate and a 93% increase in valuation activity. Read the full case study here.

5. Net Promoter Score (NPS)


Do you know how loyal your customers are? How many of your customers are spreading the good word about your business, and how many are telling people to avoid you? Transactions are not just transactions at the moment – they carry a lot of emotion, and your customers want to tell you how they feel. By adding one simple question to your feedback forms, Net Promotor Score (NPS) allows you to easily measure customer loyalty and the quality of your customer experience. It can even help you to predict your customer retention.

Features at a glance

  • - A simple way to measure your customer loyalty
  • - Set up alerts based on low NPS score so you can solve issues before they escalate
  • - Include as part of your standard feedback requests

How can NPS help right now?

Measure your customer loyalty and identify brand advocates

Every business needs loyal customers, not only because they provide repeat business, but because they’re likely to recommend your brand to others (known as promoters or brand advocates). NPS allows you to identify whether you have customers that are happy to sing your praises and recommend you to others, and if there are any that are likely to bad mouth your brand due to a poor experience. 21% of UK consumers say they’ve already convinced other people to stop using a brand they thought were not acting appropriately to the pandemic.

By understanding your customer loyalty, you’ll be able to predict your customer retention, which will allow you to look ahead and forecast what things may look like in the future.


Stop issues from escalating

Customers who give you a low NPS score are classed as detractors and they’re a risk to your brand’s reputation, as they’re more likely to talk negatively about your business to others. To protect your business, it’s vital to identify these customers and find out why they were unhappy with your service, so you can nip any issues in the bud.


Find out if you’re getting it right or wrong

Just because a customer leaves you a four or five-star review doesn’t mean they’ll remain loyal to you. If their NPS score is a 7 or 8, they’re happy with your service, but they could be swayed to shop with a competitor next time. Digging deeper into these reviews can help you discover where you need to make improvements so you can turn passives into promoters.

We’re here to help

Speak to our experts today and understand how other businesses in your industry have used this time to better understand their customers and improve their products and services.

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