How to make the most of your
Trusted Service Award

Congratulations – you're a Feefo Trusted Service Award winner. Start using your award to help your customers click with confidence and demonstrate your dedication to great customer service.

In this guide, we’ll show you how to make the most of your Trusted Service Award. After all, your award is more than a testament to your outstanding customer service, it’s also a signal to new customers that you can be trusted to deliver a great experience.

What can your award do for you?

After you’ve celebrated winning your Feefo Trusted Service Award, it’s time to reap the benefits that come with your award. Show off your award to:

  • - Help your customers feel more confident about making a purchase
  • - Prove your business is reliable and capable of delivering the product or service your customers expect
  • - Increase your conversions
  • - Lower cart abandonment
  • - Boost your customers’ average spend
  • - Differentiate your business from the competition.

How do you get started?

We’ve got everything you need to start telling your clients and customers about your win. To access your assets, follow the link in your winner’s email sent on 17 January 2023:

  • - Your official winner’s certificate
  • - A range of digital award badges
  • - Social media assets
  • - Press release templates
  • - Email content copy.

Here are a few ideas to help you share the good news.

Display your award on your website

Displaying your Trusted Service Award on your website is a great way of letting your customers know that they can count on you. If added to the right pages on your site, it could mean the difference between a sale and an abandoned basket.

Download the digital version of your award by head to your Trusted Service Award winners page via the URL contained in your winner’s email. You can download your badge in a range of colours and styles, so choose a version which best suits your brand and website design.

Place the badge next to call-to-action buttons

This can help to remind customers of your reputation at key points in the purchase journey. It could be the difference between them clicking the ‘Buy’ button and walking away.

Halo Financial

Add it to the footer of your homepage

Place it alongside your other awards and certifications in your website footer, so it’s visible on every page.

Skipton International

Create a dedicated landing page

You could also include your reviews, ratings and Trusted Service Award wins on your dedicated web page.

Include it in your review display options

Your new badge should appear automatically in all our on-page review display options, but if it doesn’t or you wish to remove it, please get in touch with our support team. This feature is available for the Trusted Service Award, Gold Trusted Service Award and Platinum Trusted Service Award badges.

Lilys Kitchen

Battery Charged

Use it alongside forms

This can encourage visitors to your website to fill them in and get in touch with you.

Lime solicitors


Display your award in-store

Let passers-by see that you’re a reputable company by displaying your Trusted Service Award in your shop window. You could also add your Trusted Service badge to your in-store point of sale or place your certificate alongside other awards in your office.

Remember, you can download all the assets you need and print off your official certificate via your winner’s page (find the URL in your winner’s email, which we sent on 17 January 2023).

Print and frame your award

By displaying your Feefo Trusted Service Award in your offices, you’ll impress your clients and inspire your staff.

Show it off in-store

Incorporate your award into your in-store point of sale collateral, for example on banners or displays near the checkout.

Use your award in your advertising

Share the news of your outstanding customer service by adding your Trusted Service Award to your advertising. However big or small your campaign, use the opportunity to let people know you’ve been recognised for your excellent customer service.

Include your award in print and digital ads

Use your Trusted Service badge in your PPC, newspaper, magazine, train station and billboard adverts.

Use it in brochures

Place your award badge next to the products in your catalogues. It can act as a reminder that customers can trust the quality of your products and service.

Display it on stands and merchandise

Industry events are a great place to show that you’re trusted by your customers. Add your award badge to exhibition stands, use it in giveaways and stamp it on your merchandise.

Share the news on your social channels

One of the quickest and easiest ways to share your win with your audience is through your social media channels. We’ve made it even easier for you by creating social sharing buttons, social media templates and suggested working, all of which are available when you log into your winner’s page via your winner’s email.

However you choose to share the good news, make sure you tag us and use the hashtag #FeefoTrusted

Create your own social images

If you prefer to create your own posts, you’ll find several versions of your award badge in your winner’s pack. It’s a good idea to thank your customers for their reviews – you couldn’t have done it without them.

The English Vine

Include your award badge in social banners

Even the best social media posts have limited lifespan. Update your social banners to include your award badge so that every visitor to your social media profile can see that you’re a trusted business.


Write an article on LinkedIn

If you want to connect with your business contacts, write and share an article announcing your win on LinkedIn. Your contacts will receive a notification as soon as you post it.

What’s next?

You should now have everything you need to start sharing the news about your Trusted Service Award win. The more you talk about your achievements, the more your customers will begin to acknowledge them.

Here’s a quick summary of your next steps:

  • Share your win on social media with the hashtag #FeefoTrusted
  • Download your certificate to display in your offices or in-store
  • Choose a version of your digital award badge to include in your marketing materials and display on your website
  • Continue to strive for excellence in customer service and earn those five-star reviews.

Remember to check for your winner’s email in your inbox – we sent them out on January 17 2023.

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