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Drive traffic, increase sales & gain insight.

Feefo provide more than just a platform to collect reviews – we help you connect with more customers and create a business that people trust. 

Thanks to our partnership with Google, Yahoo and Bing, we'll help you use genuine reviews to get noticed online and direct quality traffic to your website. Showcase others' experiences with your company across your website and marketing channels, and you’ll help turn browsers into fully-fledged customers. 



Benefits to get excited about.

Collecting feedback is a powerful way of engaging with your customers. Start conversations,
build trust and get noticed online - all through the voice of real people!

See what Feefo can do for you

More traffic

Thanks to our partnership with Google, Yahoo and Bing, genuine reviews can drive traffic to your website. Verified ratings contribute to Google stars, which can enhance click-through rate (CTR) and boost your visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Increased sales

Reviews boost sales. Businesses using Feefo have reported up to a 25% rise in sales after integrating reviews onto product pages. Displaying stars within organic and paid search listings can also drive conversions, as well as lower Google Ads spend.

Valuable insights

Our world-class analytics and reporting suite provides you with in-depth business insights. Take the genuine feedback from your customers, learn what makes them click, and make decisions with confidence.

Trusted by the best.

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We only collect real reviews from real people, like you. Shall we get started?

Thousands of brands trust Feefo to independently collect reviews from their customers – and those customers know that Feefo reviews are the real deal.

Create trust, gain insight and make powerful improvements to your business. Try Feefo today to see what genuine reviews could do for you.

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