How you rate service and product

Feefo is independent of all the suppliers who have joined us.

When they join, suppliers volunteer to give ALL their customers (who have an email address) the opportunity to give public feedback, so anyone who has comments, both good and bad, that they want to say publicly can do so.

Our questions are very simple.   When you give feedback, we ask you to rate service and product each with four options - excellent, good, poor, or bad. We then invite you to make a comment.

We don't give you any 'middle' option because if you have no feelings there is no reason why you should make a comment.

If you buy from one of our suppliers, you too will have a chance to give your feedback.  We hope that this will give you the confidence to buy from trusted suppliers 

How our ratings are calculated

Our ratings are calculated on a simple formula:

The Feefo rating = Number of positive responses / Total number of responses as a percentage.

Unless otherwise specified, the period over which the rating is calculated is the shortest of our 'standard' periods for which there are over 200 ratings - the 'standard' periods are week/month/6months/year

Sometimes, because of an increase or decrease in the number of ratings, the default rating period can change, and it always 'moves on' with time, as new ratings arrive at one end, and older ratings drop off at the other.   This can result in small movements of the rating up and down, but overall the rating should reflect the latest state of customer satisfaction with our suppliers.

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