The top 13 customer insights and intelligence platforms

While every company relies on customer feedback to develop its marketing strategy and ultimately boost sales, customer insights provide data that you can use to determine exactly what customers want and expect from your business. Customer insights tell you about your customers, their motivations, needs and desires; ultimately, these insights help you to understand their experience of using your products and interacting with your business.

By analysing customer insights, you can build a personalised customer experience that will keep your customers coming back for more! Here, we take a closer look at the realm of customer insights and the best platforms you can use to get the information you need.

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What are customer insights?

Customer insights answer complex questions about your customers such as their behaviours and likes and dislikes, enabling companies to track various metrics to improve their customer experience.

Customer insights can tell you about your customers’:

  • Purchase history
  • Geographic location
  • Demographic insights
  • Likes and dislikes
  • Online customer interactions

With this information, you can better understand your customers and tailor your campaigns to meet their needs, helping you to increase sales and conversions.

What are customer insights and intelligence platforms?

Customer insights and intelligence platforms are customer data management software that monitors your customer base. It uses Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to monitor, analyse and evaluate data. These innovative platforms can then share these insights with your other systems to help with marketing, customer service, social media, and sales, which can then enhance customer data with valuable insights on customer engagement, value, journey, and sentiment. When used effectively, this data can help a business improve its overall customer experience.

Features of customer insights and intelligence platforms include:

  • Customer engagement optimisation: Enables companies to privately interact through a secure online community where they can share ideas and customer insights
  • Integrates with other apps: Integrates with apps and mobile devices
  • Real-time insights: Companies can get access to valuable real-time metrics that will help them develop a useful resource of relevant and quality customer insights. It can also be integrated with news feeds, blogs, and social media into a central platform
  • Monitoring, analysing, and reporting: Creates reports of customer insights and background that can help companies tackle crucial issues affecting the company

Customer insights and intelligence platforms can help you understand exactly who your customers are, how they found you, their needs, habits, and activities. With this information, your company can meet the customer's needs quickly and help to build deeper customer relationships that help with business growth and long-term success.

Top 13 customer insights platforms

Get under your customers’ skin so that you can develop a marketing strategy, products and services that best cater to your customer base. Here are 13 of the best customer insights and intelligence platforms.

1. Feefo

Feefo offers a range of customer insight tools, including surveys, performance profiling and a campaign management tool, that offer valuable customer insights, sentiment analysis functionality and analytical solutions. Powered by Artificial Intelligence technology, Feefo will analyse your customer feedback and tell you what your customers are saying and how they are really feeling. You will know exactly what you are doing right and where you need to improve so you can ensure that your customer base remains happy and loyal. 

Feefo's back end platform or Hub presents with a handy set of tools to get you started analysing your feedback insights.

Sentiment Score

A brand-new way to accurately measure customer opinion

The Performance Graph

Automatically group feedback trends, allows to identify priorities and take action.

Smarter Reporting

Cut through the noise and zero in on topics having the biggest impact on business performance


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2. Revuze

Using Artificial Intelligence, Revuze enables companies to optimise their campaigns by ensuring they align with customer perception. With this valuable insight into user experience and customer satisfaction, businesses can identify their best marketing content and use it effectively to boost sales and increase customer loyalty. Companies can also quickly identify their customer's pain points, improve search engine rankings, and improve their return on investment.

3. Medallia

Medallia is one of the most advanced customer insight tools that collects customer experience signals during customer interactions with your company. It gathers customer interaction data across several platforms such as in-app, email, websites, and social media. Medallia can also help businesses leverage video content and virtual engagement to help them stay relevant and create the best strategies.

4. Qualtrics

Qualtrics is a quick and easy-to-use customer survey platform designed to help businesses understand their customers and employees. You can use this intelligence-gathering platform to help you make better decisions about your marketing strategies and customer experience. Qualtrics uses Artificial Intelligence to collect survey responses and monitors all activities in real-time.

5. Alida

With Alida, businesses can gather customer intelligence data continuously and in a highly focused way. As an intelligence platform, Alida enables businesses to understand what their customers want through ongoing engagement. It aims to help businesses make decisions in conjunction with their customers rather than for them by using segmentation, profiling, and engagement.

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6. Signal

Signal offers a good option if you have a large amount of data that you need to interpret. It will quickly analyse your online and offline customer data and turn it into useful customer intelligence insights to help you make actionable business decisions. However, if you are looking for a customer intelligence platform to gather new customer insights using engagement or surveys, Signal may not be the right option for you.

7. Zeotap

Zeotap is a sophisticated customer intelligence platform that uses the latest technology to make recommendations entirely based on customer data. It will start by integrating a company's online and offline data and then apply its algorithms to make highly accurate assessments. While the Zeotap platform focuses on understanding customer trends, it can also help companies predict customer behaviour.

8. Lifesight

The Lifesight platform is all about helping companies develop customer intelligence strategies. It offers data solutions to help companies manage fluctuating customer behaviour and understand customer attributes by analysing their journey to provide a comprehensive view of their behaviour. Lifesight is a good option if you want an intelligence platform that can help you develop a data-backed customer strategy.

9. Clarabridge

The Clarabridge customer intelligence platform provides actional insights from every one of your customer interactions. The platform's CX Analytics feature lets you listen to emails and phone calls and make accurate predictions. Meanwhile, CX Social lets you monitor and analyse conversations that are taking place online, especially on social media. While it enables you to engage with your customers in real-time, you can also filter customer feedback and identify issues by picking up changes in online conversations.

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10. AnyRoad

AnyRoad turns customer experiences into real-time data to give you a better understanding of who experiences your brand. The platform’s easy-to-use dashboard is based in real-time and will give you a quick insight and an in-depth report for your customers. You can also use it to measure return on investment, purchasing behaviour, and brand loyalty to see how your marketing efforts impact customer purchasing behaviour and brand awareness.


Driven by Artificial Intelligence, NGDATA's CDP platform can help you increase customer satisfaction. You can use it to quickly identify changes in customer behaviour and trends and connect with your customers in a proactive way. The tool allows you get to know your customers as individuals and build personal relationships with them. The platform offers a range of features, including custom and DNA metrics, initiating real-time requests and the ability to create accurate customer profiles.

12. Qubit

Qubit enables you to understand your customer's behaviour and personalise it across your digital channels. Qubit uses machine learning to encourage customers to spend more time with your brand while at the same time enabling you to deliver the right content at the right time to the right visitor. The platform changes how customers find your products online by combining user behaviour, persuasive marketing techniques and machine learning to create a personalised customer experience.

13. Yotpo

Yotpo is an in-depth intelligence platform that enables you to gather customer-generated content and use it to create a better customer experience and a stronger brand. Artificial Intelligence powers the platform's content generation, allowing you to collect reviews or curate customer content straight from social media channels. Yotpo will also highlight your customer reviews, product ratings and photos on your website. Thanks to the platform's analytics features, you have a full picture of how your content is performing and how user-generated content affects your results.

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If you want your business to grow and succeed, you need to constantly monitor the customer experience and do whatever you can to improve it. Customer insights are crucial for growing your business and its brand image. Customer intelligence insights platforms enable you to understand your customers and how they interact with your brand to tailor your marketing strategy to better target them and cater to their needs.

Get in touch with our experts to find out how Feefo can help you better understand your customers. We are here to help you grow and strengthen your business and have a range of tools to help you succeed. If you're a current customer of ours, get in touch at or, if you're new to Feefo and want to find out more, speak to our sales team at

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