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Everything you need to know about Feefo’s Shopify App

Published on 12 November, 2021

Here at Feefo, we know that eCommerce stores have a wealth of customer data at their fingertips. But, so often we don’t see customer insights used to their fullest extent. For eCommerce store owners, the point of an online store is to sell products, keep customers happy and make a profit. What if there was something that could accelerate each of these three elements without really lifting a finger? This is where customer review apps for Shopify come in…

In this article, we’ll take a look at all of the reasons why you should (and how you can) leverage your customer reviews to create and sustain a profitable eCommerce business.

What is Shopify?

With humble beginnings as a Canadian startup, Shopify is now used by over 1,700,000 businesses around the world and handles in excess of $61 billion in transactions annually — making it the global leader in eCommerce platforms with a market share of 28.24%. Shopify allows brands to create an online storefront, sell products, take secure payments, manage inventory and store customer data. 

Maybe you’ve never heard of Shopify before but you’ll recognise some of its most famous clients: Deliveroo, Kylie Cosmetics and Gymshark.  

As a market leader, Shopify is known for its ease of use, mobile responsiveness and automatic server updates and maintenance. It’s also known due to its wide range of integrations, plug-ins and APIs — which makes building and managing an online shop simple for tech aficionados and technophobes alike. One such API is Feefo, which allows customer reviews to be collected and displayed on individual products to share customer feedback with prospective and future customers.

In this article, we’ll focus on customer review apps for Shopify. However, Feefo has many other eCommerce store integrations including:

  • WooCommerce
  • BigCommerce
  • Magento

Why are customer reviews important?

As big advocates of customer reviews, there is a range of reasons why they are important. Insights gained from customers help to:

  • Improve profitability, by highlighting customer satisfaction as well as pain points
  • Boost the customer journey, customer experience (CX) and customer satisfaction
  • Accelerate a positive online reputation and good customer perception
  • Aid decision-making for the future direction of your brand, products or services.

Without this critical data, businesses may overlook or misidentify customer pain points and can lose out on valuable prospective customers as well as retained clients. Remember that happy customers are more likely to be loyal. Loyal customers are:

  • Less likely to deviate to competitor brands
  • More likely to organically refer you to friends, family and colleagues
  • Likely to give positive reviews and feedback 
  • Less price-sensitive and more willing to spend more for a higher quality service
  • More open to cross-sell and up-sell opportunities
  • More resilient — less likely to leave after one weak experience

Customer reviews help to drive businesses forward, and although it can feel like a painful process, hearing the negative as well as the positive reviews can make all the difference. So, with 'happy customers' being one of the three pillars to business success, it’s critical not to overlook the big impact that customer feedback has on businesses of all sizes.

What are the benefits of adding reviews to your Shopify store?

With so many reasons to gather customer reviews and feedback in the first place, why should you add them to your Shopify store? Feefo’s independent review platform is the perfect companion to Shopify and here are 7 reasons why:

Higher conversion rates

It’s a well-researched fact that having customer reviews on a product page can affect conversion rates. While customer reviews of a product or service are critical for prospects to make a decision on whether to buy that particular item based on the feedback from others, our 2019 Feefo Consumer Report showed that 96% of those asked will read customer reviews before purchasing. 

Not only does the quality and accuracy of reviews matter, but studies have shown that a product just having reviews at all is 270% more likely to be purchased than a product with no reviews. A recent study in 2021 found that reviews have a direct impact on conversion rates. When customers interacted with reviews on a landing page the chances of them converting are 7.6% compared with 3.4% for those who have not read a review; this is a 120.3% conversion uplift for website visitors who interact. 

Wholly positive reviews — despite popular opinion — aren’t the be-all and end-all. In fact, consumers have been shown not to trust 5-star reviews, instead, looking for 1-star and 4-star reviews for more accurate representations. 

Instead of showing a flawless representation of your business and its products, consumers are becoming savvier and are well-versed in the world of fake reviews. In fact, 83% of shoppers believe that perfect reviews can be faked and actively look out for these. So, by embracing good and bad reviews, your website and brand more easily gain the trust of your prospective customers and increase conversion rates.

Our AI-driven Smart Themes also personalise the reviews shown to customers by showing them the right reviews at the right time in their journey. By creating a personalised shopping experience, businesses can reduce basket abandonment and boost conversions by up to 13%.

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Demonstrating trust and authority

Along the same lines as the previous point, both positive and negative reviews can make your business and online store appear more credible. One big upside of using a closed review platform such as Feefo is that the reviews you’ll receive will only ever be from verified purchases and by invitation. And, if orders have been cancelled, these customers are excluded from the follow-up list. 

Open review platforms such as Amazon reviews, Yelp and even TripAdvisor leave themselves open to fake, spammy and dishonest reviews. They will also have difficulties with decision making and understanding genuine feedback.

By using our widgets and logo on your website, your customers can rest assured that all reviews they’re seeing are real, honest and authentic — demonstrating that much-needed trust.

Stand out in the SERP

For businesses that want to make a splash on search engines, pairing your reviews with your product pages is a must. Google (the global market-leading search engine) pairs with certain review platforms to show Seller Ratings. 

On the organic Google search engine results page (SERP) as well as in Google Ads and Google Shopping, 29 independent review websites have been approved to show reviews by star rating. Of the most well-known in the UK, Feefo, TrustPilot, and Reevoo have all been approved to do so. That means that these star ratings (by product) will appear among your competitor results when someone searches for your product, business or offering — standing out and leading to a higher CTR (click-through rate).

More likely to obtain reviews 

Our 2019 Feefo Consumer Report found that only 11% of consumers would give their feedback every time after purchase. 22% of those asked said they rarely or never post reviews, 25% most of the time and 31% said sometimes they do. 

By using a customer review app with automated reminders such as Feefo, you are more likely to build and maintain your customer review database. Instead of sending scattergun emails to customers, (who may or may not have already reviewed your service and/or product — or worse, not received it yet), Feefo can request reviews and send reminders at a pace that suits you. This makes it far more likely that you’ll get in front of your customers at the right time in their purchasing journey with you, and should lead to more reviews being left as a result — especially if this process is made as simple as possible for the customer. 

Multiple review points displayed

We’ve covered the benefits of adding reviews to your website, but what about once they’re on there? While some review platforms for Shopify only show one set of reviews, Feefo shows product review data at three separate points on the page: 

  • Overall service reviews — this is displayed as a widget that floats and is visible at all times while the customer scrolls down the page. This data is based on service-level reviews rather than individual product reviews.
  • A product star rating — an aggregate average star rating that appears near the purchasing button
  • Product reviews widget — a larger widget showing recent reviews for that product.
  • Personalised widgets

One of the big perks of using a customer review app that integrates with Shopify such as Feefo is the ability to personalise your widgets and how your reviews are displayed. You have the ability to change the colour scheme, display format, alignment and position of your reviews so they fit in seamlessly to the design of your Shopify store. This effortless appearance contributes to a cohesive customer experience — a must-have for brands in 2021 and beyond. 

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A better understanding of your customers

We’ve covered the benefits of gaining accurate insights and feedback from customer reviews, and a better understanding of your customers is key. However, Feefo goes a step further. Entirely unique to Feefo, our Performance Profiling tool allows businesses to:

  • Understand customer sentiment (positive, neutral or negative)
  • Get to grips with frequent pain points by using topic mentions
  • Showcase trends in most-mentioned topics, to address live pain points, for example, this could be shipping, damage or customer service.

How to implement Feefo’s Shopify app?

If your Shopify site is already up-and-running, Feefo's Shopify plug-in can automatically send out feedback requests on your behalf. This also means that you won't have to manually upload your sales data. To ensure a successful implementation, you need to make sure that your Shopify App Store and Feefo Hub accounts have the same login email address. Then, you'll need to add several pieces of code to your Shopify site template in one of the following two ways:

Installation via the Shopify App Store

  • Login to the Shopify app store
  • Search for 'Feefo' in the search bar and click ‘Feefo ratings & reviews’, or click here
  • Click the ‘Add app’ button and follow the interactive guide

Installation via the Feefo Hub

  • Log in to the Hub
  • Head to ‘Marketing > eCommerce Installation Packages’ on the left-hand menu
  • Click ‘Install package’ under Shopify
  • Follow the on-screen instructions

If you need further support with installing the Feefo Shopify plug-in, you can email

How to obtain customer reviews

Now we’ve covered the benefits of adding customer reviews to your Shopify store, you might be wondering how to obtain such reviews. To start, an engaging customer feedback form and process is crucial. 

While sending automated emails is great, there is more you can do to push customers over the line to encourage a review. Incentives are generally an effective way of doing so; studies have shown that customer survey response rates increase by 30% when there is an incentive.

Types of incentive may include:

  • Entry into a prize draw for a large prize such as tech, money, an experience or a voucher
  • An exclusive discount code for their next purchase — this should be more than usual 10–20% discounts if your online business frequently runs these
  • Money off their next purchase (a fair amount that represents 20–30% off a product to make it generous)
  • Free shipping on the customer’s next order, free shipping over a certain period of time or for their next 3 orders
  • A free gift such as a new product or a complimentary product for one they have purchased recently 
  • Branded merchandise such as a tee-shirt, gadget or eco-friendly water bottle

Remember that product reviews are crucial, but overall service reviews for the customer experience with your business as a whole are equally as important. Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a very simple way of doing this and asks one simple question that gives an indicator of customer loyalty.

The NPS question is standardised across all businesses, and is as follows:
“How likely are you to recommend [business] to a friend, relative or colleague?”.

This is answered on a scale of 1–10, where the following bands apply: 

  1. Score 0–6: Detractors. Unhappy customers who are likely to go elsewhere and possibly damage your brand with word-of-mouth.
  2. Score 7–8: Passives. Satisfied customers but could be swayed by the competition. Not necessarily brand loyal.
  3. Score 9–10: Promoters. Loyal customers who will continue to buy from you and refer your brand to others



The benefits of having customer reviews on your Shopify eCommerce store are clear — driving customer loyalty, customer satisfaction and profitability for your business. 

When looking for a compatible review platform for Shopify, we suggest selecting an integrated app (such as Feefo!) that offers the following:

  1. Personalisation and customisation options on how your reviews are displayed
  2. Integration with search engines such as Google
  3. A mixture of star ratings and commentary displayed 
  4. Automated review requests sent to verified customers directly to their inbox
  5. A closed review platform
  6. Options for types of both product and service-level reviews — NPS, polls, star ratings, comments etc.

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