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Nourished finds Feefo delivers essential ingredients of trust and credibility

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Nourished, a disruptive creator and provider of personalised, 3D-printed high-impact vitamin “gummies” has used Feefo reviews to build the trust and credibility essential for a company offering such a radically new consumer product.

The integration of Feefo has been so successful that after only a few months, Nourished has won a highly-coveted Feefo Gold Trusted Service award.


Launched in Q4 2019, Nourished is the world’s first truly customised nutrition product which uses patented 3D printing technology and a vegan encapsulation formula to combine seven different active ingredients into one personalised nutrition gummy stack.


Each stack contains vitamins, minerals and superfoods that have been lab-tested from high-grade sources in Europe and the USA.

Customers design and order their stacks online which are 3D-printed by Nourished in the UK and then encapsulated in a patented vegan hydrocolloid gel. Customers have all the benefit of taking all their preferred vitamins and supplements in one edible stack with less hassle, less waste and lower cost than buying and taking them all individually

The company was founded by CEO Melissa Snover, aiming to provide the most ethical, effective and innovative nutrition available. One of her guiding principles is that prevention is better than cure. Melissa is committed to entrepreneurial thinking and disrupting markets through the power of innovation and customisation. But sustainability is equally important, creating products that are locally sourced, plastic-free and eco-friendly.

During the Coronavirus pandemic the company switched production of its 3D printers to provide PPE visors to Birmingham City Council for distribution in the community. It also donated its “Inner Defence” stacks to the NHS, key workers and the British Army.

The Challenge

As a new company with such a unique product in a market where personal taste really counts, Nourished realised it had to work hard to raise brand awareness and increase consumer knowledge in their product and the thinking behind it.

The approach adopted was through highly-effective education on social media, press and media interviews. But the company also needed that extra-special ingredient that is hard to come by – trust. Nourished understood it needed a reviews and ratings system that was independently verified and totally credible in the eyes of consumers unfamiliar not just with the company, but also the concept of 3D-printed nutrition.

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The Results


Prior to the launch, Nourished engaged Feefo as its reviews provider, recognising that the customer advocacy provided by Feefo would be a huge sales-driver.

Feefo was selected because all its ratings and reviews are from verified customers, giving consumers reassurance all content is 100 per cent genuine and authentic, just like the ingredients in Nourished’s stacks.

The success of integrating Feefo ratings was almost immediate. Reviews from delighted customers have poured in at a rate of more than two per day. They are effusive in their praise for the product and the company, resulting in Nourished winning a coveted Feefo Gold Trusted Service Award for the all-round excellence of its products and service-levels (an average star rating of at least 4.5 out of five).

This badge of honour, won so early in the company’s life, is displayed prominently on the Nourished landing page, fully visible to customers as they arrive.

“Feefo has made such a big difference, providing credibility and trust which are critical for a brand like Nourished that is strikingly new and where people may be unfamiliar with the level of innovation in your product or service,” said Melissa. “Integrating Feefo on our website has been crucial to improving response rates and consumer engagement. I thoroughly recommend it.”

The Future

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Nourished is already making plans to expand in the Middle East, and then the USA, once the effects of global lockdown during the Coronavirus are lifted. The trust and credibility of reviews are set to be a part of that ambitious expansion programme.

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