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Ambitious Invopak finds Feefo to be the perfect customer experience package

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Invopak, an award-winning company that supplies packaging containers to industry and consumers, has used Feefo’s review and insights platform to transform its customer experience.

Invopak is Britain’s premier distributor of increasingly sustainable, rigid (UN) packaging containers to manufacturing companies across the UK and Ireland. It is also expanding rapidly into Europe and the worldwide online consumer market.

More than 4,000 British and Irish companies rely on Invopak to provide packaging for products such as resins, food and catering supplies, paints, chemicals and fragrances.

Invopak operates out of the Midlands, Manchester and Glasgow, with a sister company in Dublin - Ashtown Packaging. Invopak’s e-commerce Division, OiPPS, services lower-volume companies and individual consumers across the UK and Europe online, and its Manupak Division caters for larger-volume, direct-to-manufacturer business.

The Challenge

Invopak has been radically transformed over the past decade from an inward-looking, traditional half-century-old family concern in the Midlands into the pre-eminent business of its kind, continually pushing the sector forward. Invopak’s remarkable progress has been driven by a freshly inspired workforce, pioneering digitization and radical innovation in customer service. Everyone from operations to the owner is on a mission to develop ground-breaking ways of working, striving to improve the way the company does things by 1% every single day.

Staff at Invopak were confident they were providing high-quality customer service. What they lacked was a credible method of publicising their excellence online, using the objective, third-party endorsement of their many happy customers. This was part of the company’s broader strategy of augmenting its online presence, creating greater visibility and building trust with potential customers. A review system was the obvious solution.

The Solution

After examining the options, Invopak decided in 2016 to use Feefo as its customer experience platform. One of the decisive factors was Feefo’s credibility, built on its invitation-only approach which ensures only authentic customers who have bought or experienced a product or service can post feedback and give a star rating. Another key factor was the ability to collect reviews on service and product quality separately. The prospect of winning a Feefo Gold Trusted award and the effect it would have on Invopak’s reputation was also a strong enticement.

Implementation and integration of the Feefo customer experience platform with the Invopak websites and systems, once learnt, was straightforward and quick.

Any customer can now contribute feedback, with Invopak able to separate service and product reviews. “Our customers tell us that the quality of the product and service are as important as price,” says CEO Arjen Cooper-Rolfe, Invopak.

As part of its commitment to customer service, Invopak ensures that each piece of feedback posted by customers receives a personalised response. “Ensuring each response is genuinely personalised is very much in line with our values. We value each contribution whatever it says and learn from it,” says Invopak’s Customer Service Improvement Manager, Stuart Rolfe. “It would never be good enough for us to send out standard responses as we often see on other platforms.”


The Results

Feefo has made a real difference to Invopak, providing a credible platform for public endorsement of its performance in a competitive market. In 2019, Invopak achieved its target of a Gold Feefo Trusted Service award, and then went on to gain a Platinum award in early 2020, recognising its sustained commitment to customer service.

As well as providing proof of high performance, Feefo supplies a wealth of insights that help Invopak continually improve its customer experience. “It really helps to hear how our teams make a difference to the customer,” says Stuart. “Feefo helps us identify potential problems and resolve them. We are not scared of getting negative feedback.”

Negative reviews are subject to debriefs among teams and are used to identify where improvements can be wrought or processes overhauled. Conversations with customers about the reason for their unhappiness often lead to re-ratings and better service.

Specific areas of the business that have benefited from interventions powered by Feefo insights include product packaging procedures, while reviewing content has also led to the introduction of more payment options for customers. Feedback has also led to significant changes in third-party logistics. 

“Feefo gives us real insights into customer experience, revealing factors we would never uncover by other means,” said Stuart. “It gives the customer a voice and provides us with ways of measuring our success we never had before. We have a far greater understanding of our customer experience than we ever did.”


The Future

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Having benefited so substantially from the implementation of Feefo, Invopak is keen to continue employing the platform to push forward its constant improvement strategy and to promote its success to customers and prospects. There is a real appreciation of how Feefo can transform customer experience and a desire to employ more of its innovative applications in the interests of an ambitious and expanding business.

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