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The Challenge

William Russell are an independent provider of international insurance for expats, families, and businesses. They are dedicated to putting their members at the heart of everything they do and are the partner of choice for people living and working abroad.

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Although William Russell knew they had a good reputation for customer service within in the insurance industry, they recognised they weren’t doing enough to persuade new customers that they were the best choice for expat insurance.

They also have to compete against much larger providers with established reputations, such as Cigna and BUPA, so were suffering from a brand equity gap and needed some way to introduce confidence in their brand to potential customers.


Image: Inez Cooper, Founder, William Russell

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“Feefo forms a huge part of our overall marketing strategy for the business and is integrated throughout different processes. The platform has helped to give us an edge over competitors for many years, and our stellar customer review performance has assisted us with winning new business year on year."

Natalie Harris, Policy Service Manager, William Russell



increase in average daily conversions

The Solution

Knowing how much time people spend researching, comparing, and looking for reviews and recommendations, William Russell knew it needed to introduce customer reviews on their websites.

“Rather than just posting our own content, we wanted to display feedback which is independently verified – that’s why Feefo caught our attention,” explains Natalie Harris, Policy Services Manager at William Russell. “We chose Feefo over other review platforms because they’re a customer experience platform, not just a reviews provider.”




rise in click-through rates in search results



increase in qualified leads

The Results

Since partnering with Feefo in 2017, William Russell has collected more than 700 positive reviews, enabling their members to buy with confidence. Members are now more engaged, while prospects feel more confident about buying William Russell’s products and services. This boost in confidence has resulted in higher conversion rates online – average daily conversion rates have increased by 71%.

In September 2020, William Russell began featuring Feefo in their digital marketing much more heavily, which has yielded fantastic results.

Product pages are now supported by reviews, which has helped to improve William Russell’s visibility in Google’s search results and boosted click-through rates by 170%.

Reviews aren’t just displayed across the websites, they’re also included in most of their banners, newsletters, and email templates, resulting in better marketing performance. William Russell has seen a 31% rise in the number of website users generating a quote online and a 253% increase in qualified leads.

The honest, genuine feedback helps William Russell to better understand their audience and members, allowing them to improve the customer journey at every touchpoint and understand which areas of the business need more work.

“Our Feefo rating has assisted us in building trust and confidence with both new and existing members. With the help of Feefo, we improve our customer retention rate each year. Reading about other members’ experiences gives the William Russell team more confidence and passion that is reinvested in the company. It is encouraging for us as a team!” - Natalie Harris, Policy Services Manager, William Russell

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