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The Challenge

When you’re an independent insurance broker, reputation is everything! Heath Crawford are a family-owned and managed insurance broker that pride themselves on their reputation for delivering the very best customer service, but they had no way of proving it to prospective clients. They needed a way to collect feedback that they knew was genuine, to give prospective customers confidence in the industry-leading service they provide

“When prospecting for new business, we always told our prospects how good our service was, with very little proof, so essentially it was just words in our sales pitch.”

Oliver Leyens, Director


“Since using Feefo it has allowed us to show the physical evidence and proof of how strong our customer service is. We share this evidence with our prospects to help win more business, and it is testament to our staff’s hard work and great service that we have been awarded the Gold Feefo Trusted Service Award for 2017 and 2018.”

Oliver Leyens, Director



retention rate

The Solution

Heath Crawford used Feefo to start collecting independently verified reviews from their clients, helping them win and retain more business and increase traffic to their website.

“Since using Feefo it has allowed us to show the physical evidence and proof of how strong our customer service is” said Oliver

Gathering real reviews, from genuine clients, has been an excellent way to enhance their company’s reputation in the industry and has gone a long way towards building a reputable brand that people can trust.

Being able to monitor customer feedback is also a fantastic way for Heath Crawford to learn more about their clients and staff. The insights gained from looking at customer reviews helps inform their business decisions and is a great way of rewarding and motivating their staff who have been praised by clients in their feedback.



YoY increase in web traffic



NPS Score

The Results

Since partnering with Feefo, Heath Crawford has seen a 59% YoY increase in web traffic and 13% YoY growth. Whilst customer reviews aren’t the only reason for this positive uplift, they form an important piece of the marketing jigsaw for the family-run insurance broker – helping them convert browsers into fully-fledged customers.

Net Promoter Score is a gauge of a company’s customer relationships and helps monitor customer loyalty and satisfaction. Using Feefo allowed Heath Crawford to track their own NPS score.

  • Over the past 12 months they achieved a ‘world class’ NPS score of 86 against an industry average of 79, further highlighting their excellent customer service.

Prominently displaying Feefo feedback on their website has not only given prospects a reason to buy, it has also played a big part in helping them to retain existing clients. Heath Crawford maintain an impressive 94% customer retention rate. By collecting feedback from these customers using Feefo, they’re able to track the quality of service they provide and gain valuable insights on where they can improve to maintain their high standards.

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