Your GDPR questions answered: the Feefo Guide

At Feefo, we’re all about gaining valuable insight from customer feedback. We’ve gathered together some of the most commonly asked GDPR questions and tried our best to answer them in plain English, to give you a better understanding of the new regulation and  what you will need to do to prepare.

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What is GDPR?

On the off-chance that all of this has somehow passed you by (it’s not as unusual as you’d think!), the GDPR is an EU regulation, designed to update and align current data protection laws across the continent. The new regulation gives greater rights and protection to the individual when it   comes to their personal data.


What does it mean?

To meet the new standards, businesses and organisations may have to make some big changes to their existing practices and put new rules in place to make sure that they have been fair and honest when it comes to collecting data in the future.

Find straightforward answers to your GDPR questions. Download our helpful guide now.


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