Why recruiters shouldn’t fear candidate reviews

Understanding what your candidates think about your agency not only gives you an insight into your business, but can go a long way towards building trust with future candidates and clients.

The Problem

You want to open yourself up to candidate feedback, but you’re afraid of what they might have to say?

The Answer

Don’t be! Feedback, both good and bad, can help you create an agency applicants and businesses want to work with. Negative feedback is par for the course when you open yourself up to customer reviews; in fact 56% of people say they’d be suspicious of a business if there wasn’t any and it’s how you deal with them that actually shapes your customers’ perception.


How to handle negative reviews

Collecting real reviews from placed candidates will give future applicants and clients genuine insight into how your agency operates. 71% of people are likely to leave a review after having a positive experience, but not everyone will have enjoyed their journey and sometimes things go wrong that are out of your control. Acknowledging these mistakes and showing your willingness to change is a strong sign that you’re an agency that cares about its candidates, and is proactive about improving the customer experience.

1. Be proactive

Monitor your reviews regularly and be sure to respond as soon as possible whenever you receive negative feedback. Addressing any issues raised head-on in a public forum paints you as a transparent and trustworthy agency that takes candidate care seriously. 

Want to ensure you’re replying in the right way? Follow our four simple steps:

  1. Respond quickly and appropriately
  2. Thank them for their feedback and be polite
  3. Take responsibility and don’t ignore the issue
  4. Take positive action in offering a solution

2. Learn and improve

Once you’ve finished responding to your disgruntled candidates, take some time to analyse what they’ve had to say. Seeking feedback at each stage of the candidate journey exposes patters about what you’re getting right, and more importantly what you might be getting wrong. The reviews you collect are choc-full of invaluable insight, and catching your clients’ pain points pain points early on will help you improve your service and inform future business decisions.

With better customer service, comes happier candidates; and with happier candidates comes more positive reviews and a better reputation amongst the leading applicants and businesses.

3. Exposing the fakes

The vast majority (81%) of us seek out negative reviews when searching online before committing to a product or service. So, it would be nice to know that the negative reviews your potential candidates are reading are a true reflection of your agency. Unfortunately, there are people out there that will intentionally seek to undermine the hard work you’ve put into creating a reputable agency for their own personal gain.

Thankfully, most independent review platforms such as Feefo, understand the damage that fake reviews can have on a business, and have protocols in place that allow you to flag any feedback for removal that is obviously false, defamatory or just plain offensive.

Struggling to identify the bogus reviews? Learn how to spot fact from fiction!

Changing perceptions of recruitment

Negative reviews are not something to be feared by the recruitment industry, but rather embraced by agencies to help improve candidate trust and provide genuine insight into how to improve their services.

At Feefo, we are committed to supporting the recruitment industry; helping agencies make the most of their review strategy, and harness the power of reviews to drive positive business change and transform perception of the industry. If you’d like to learn more or would like some advice, get in touch today.

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