What good customer service looks like: four examples from our own customers

These days, impressing customers is no mean feat. In a world where you can book a holiday from your phone from the middle of nowhere or ask a chatbot about your refund at three in the morning, the idea that ‘service with a smile’ is the epitome of great customer service feels a little outdated.

With the bar set sky-high, what does an outstanding customer service strategy really look like these days? Businesses all over the world are reaching new levels of service to hit the sky-rocketing customer expectations - some of our customers included! Here’s how they’re doing it.

Mamas and Papas keep connected to their customers

Buying everything you need for a new baby isn’t just a financial investment – it needs a lot of consideration too. Familiar with the importance of getting these things ‘just right’, Feefo client Mamas and Papas introduced a personal shopping service to give their customers the support and level of expertise they need when making those important decisions. As well as offering the free service in-store, customers could also arrange a personal shopping experience online over video call – a saving grace for parents-to-be who found themselves in lockdown during the Covid pandemic.

Mamas and Papas have had some amazing feedback from their customers who have clearly appreciated both the friendly face and the expert advice that Mamas and Papas could provide, all from the comfort of their own home. Showing off these success stories in the form of glowing reviews on their site is a big, flashing trust signal for any new customers, proving that they’re a company who are dedicated to their customers feeling well advised, safe and looked after – no matter what the circumstances.

“This was the most amazing customer experience I have ever received! Knowledgeable, patient and extremely helpful. I’m so happy and feel confident with my purchases. Thank you” - Mamas and Papas customer feedback 

What we can learn

There are a few things that we can learn from Mamas and Papas’ approach to customer service. As well as knowing their products inside out (believe it or not, this isn’t always the case for many businesses out there!), making sure that their customers have always received a personalised service with a real advisor ensures they’re providing the human interaction that is becoming harder and harder to come across in this digital age.

Iceland act fast if standards start to slip

Businesses use customer feedback for a whole load of different reasons, whether that’s to try and crawl higher up the search results, or to encourage new shoppers to head to the checkout with something they’ve heard great things about. The sign of a real customer-centric business, though, is when that customer feedback is taken on board, listened to, and actually acted upon.

Iceland do just this, using their reviews to find out what matters the most to their customers, and using that information to take their customer service to the next level.

It became clear to Iceland when analysing their feedback that there was room for improvement when it came to their door-to-door delivery. With this new knowledge in their back pocket, they put their efforts into making sure their training documents were up to scratch, so the delivery drivers could provide the customer satisfaction that means so much to the brand.

“Using Feefo’s latest AI capabilities we can continue to improve our customer service and delivery experience. The insight is fed back in real time to the relevant decision makers who are able to take swift action to address any issues and most importantly, improve the overall experience for our valued customers.”

Rachel Lewis, Customer Response Co-Ordinator, Iceland

What we can learn

This is a great example of the insight that can be gleaned when you dig a little deeper, and how that insight can be used to improve every inch of your service. It’s all well and good collecting customer feedback, (most online retailers do, right?) but the real magic happens when you use the information to make changes that really mean something to your customers – and that’s where Iceland really have the edge. In this case, as soon as cracks started to show, Iceland were quick to solve the issue and get the right measures in place to ensure their customer service was up to scratch.

You can read more about how Iceland delivered excellent customer service using insight from feedback here!

ARM get the perfect balance between AI and human connection

Getting great customer service when you shop online is one thing, but experiencing it when making a big career move is something different altogether.

This is something that Advanced Resource Managers, or ARM, take very seriously. In an industry which falls victim to a fair share of scepticism and dishonesty, making sure that a candidate’s experience is transparent and valuable sits right at the top of ARM’s priority list. Not only do they collect customer feedback to keep tabs on how they’re doing, they also use Performance Profiling – an AI-powered tool which identifies themes and trends in feedback so they can make sure they’re nipping any issues in the bud.

Human interaction is so important to ARM, that they reach out to their candidates at multiple points in their journey to check-in with how everything’s going. They send out feedback requests after interviews and job offers to get a good idea of not only how their processes are working, but how their candidates are feeling. Any candidates whose review suggests ARM are missing the mark – with a rating lower than three stars – gets a call from a member of their dedicated customer service department who can get to the bottom of the issue, and most importantly, learn from what went awry.

What we can learn

There’s no denying that amazing innovations in tech and the constantly evolving capabilities of artificial intelligence have taken customer service to new realms over the past few years, but ARM remind us that the good old fashioned technique of picking up the phone and talking to your customers is the golden key to customer satisfaction.

Whilst ARM use AI tools to quickly spot trends and identify themes that may need some attention, they strike the perfect balance between technology and human connection by personally reaching out if candidates aren’t completely happy, and using that connection to strengthen relationships, solve problems, and improve their service.

Rachael’s Kitchen don’t shy away from negative feedback

Rachael’s Kitchen, an online-only cupcake delivery service, have achieved great things since opening in 2009, with their extraordinary levels of customer service coming out on top. No matter what feedback they receive, good or bad, the team at Rachael’s Kitchen respond to every single review.

It may not sound like a grand gesture, but by putting in that little bit of extra time to reply to every bit of feedback, Rachael’s Kitchen’s customers are left feeling like they have a stronger relationship with the brand, and most importantly, that they’re being listened to.

“I think the fact we take the time to respond to the comments strengthens our customer proposition. The fact that there might be a review that’s slightly more negative doesn’t deter me at all, because if I’m a customer and I’m looking through feedback, I can see straight away how any issues have been handled”.

Lucy Bartholomew, Customer Service and Marketing Director, Rachael’s Kitchen

Hear more from the Racheal's Kitchen team on our Feefo Spotlight podcast!

What we can learn

Customer service isn’t about throwing around niceties up until shoppers part with their money, it’s about how you treat your customers from the moment they find you, right up to the checkout and beyond. If something has gone wrong, getting to the route of the problem, fixing the issue, and making sure that your customer walks away with a smile on their face is how you perfect your customer service and ensure that customer comes back again.

Some things to remember when improving your customer service:

  • - Make sure your customers always have a way of communicating with you – whether it’s by social media, live chat or video call! Having someone to speak to, no matter the circumstances, can help nip any issues in the bud and give your customers the support they need
  • - Don’t abandon the human element of your customer service team! We’re all for clever artificial intelligence helping save a bit of time, there’s nothing quite like a human interaction from a knowledgeable advisor
  • - Don’t just collect feedback – use it! There is so much insight lying within your reviews which could help you not only improve your processes, but drastically improve your customer service!
  • - Providing excellent customer service goes deeper than a smile at the checkout. Keeping on top of it means checking in with your customers throughout the whole process, and more importantly, listening to what they’re saying!

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