How to use reviews to upgrade the upgrade experience

With the rumoured launch of a new line of iPhones on the horizon, and the next generation of mobile phones due to hit the shelves later this year, how can you make sure that you’re offering your customers the best upgrade experience, and how do you prevent them from gravitating toward the competition?

Create a compelling online experience

With phone contracts locking customers in to fixed 24-month cycles, taking their time and choosing the right phone is a decision that’s no longer taken lightly by consumers.

80% of all shoppers start their research online when choosing a new phone, so you’re going to want to ensure your website is in top notch shape. With so many phone providers, and third-party sellers, you’ll need to capture the imagination of customers quickly when they land on your product pages. Clearly highlighting the price, product features and major contract perks is a great first step but backing that up with endorsements from existing customers can be the extra nudge needed to close the deal.

Integrating independent product reviews onto your website is a great way to help your customers on their buying journey. You need to win the trust of potential customers quickly, so strategically positioning real reviews collected from genuine customers on each product page immediately gives shoppers the opportunity to read the opinions of their fellow customers, increase trust in your service and boost the likelihood of them choosing to upgrade their phone through your business.

Help the customer make more informed decisions

When it comes to mobile phones, customers can be very particular. Whether it’s needing a top-notch camera to take that perfect selfie, or a long battery life for those nauseating two-hour conference calls, people want to find out how a particular handset meets their needs without having to trawl through countless bits of feedback.

Well, thanks to artificial intelligence, discovering this insight is easier than ever! Feefo’s Smart Themes technology automatically tracks customer sentiment across all reviews, decides on the most popular themes, and then arranges these into conveniently sortable topics; giving the customer total control on the types of reviews they are exposed to, and empowering them to make a more informed buying decision quicker than ever before!

Listen and learn from your customers to improve the upgrade process

Smarter reviews aren’t the only way machine learning can help you upgrade your customer’s upgrade experience. Collecting and analysing consumer feedback was once an arduous and labour-intensive process, but platforms such as Feefo’s Performance Profiling are allowing businesses to quickly analyse specific product or service reviews automatically and in real-time.

“Sounds good. But, what does this mean for me and my business?”

It means that you can unlock valuable data and insight into what customers perceive to be the pros and cons of your business and use this data to help you make better decisions going forward. Understanding where in the upgrade process previous customers have encountered issues, means you can learn from these past mistakes and enhance the upgrade experience for future customers to ensure they keep coming back to you each time they need a new phone.


To find out more about how Feefo can help you create a more engaging upgrade experience for your customers contact our helpful team of experts today!

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