UGC and Millennials: A modern day love story at #IntegratedLive

Integrated Live brings together industry professionals, thought leaders and experts to share the latest insights, trends and techniques in the world of digital marketing. 

Our very own Head of Content and Social, James Perrin, took to the stage to share how User Generated Content is increasingly becoming the most popular, and persuasive, method of reaching millennials.

With a recent study by IPSOS revealing that UGC is 50% more trusted than other forms of media, businesses are increasingly looking for new ways to let their customers do the talking.

Covering a range of topics, James’ presentation looks at the rise of UGC, and how traditional marketing methods are changing to accommodate an audience that is increasingly creative and connected.

With useful insight, information and examples, James explores how businesses can take make the most of this consumer base that loves to share, and trusts the recommendations of fellow shoppers as much as traditional media.

Missed his presentation at Integrated Live? Don’t worry – his slides are below.

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