Trust in property: What makes the perfect estate agent? [Infographic]

Trust is the most important aspect of any relationship, whether personal or professional. If you don’t have faith in the other party, why would you want to form a partnership with them?

It’s often said that this feeling of trust is one that’s lacking from the property industry – despite the vital role estate agents play, many people don’t believe they’re receiving an adequate service. We wanted to find out if that’s true and if so, what estate agents can do to create better, more trustworthy relationships with their clients.

Using data from our latest piece of research, we’ve created the below infographic to show what the perfect estate agent looks like (according to the British public) and what can be done to improve the important relationship between consumers and agents.

Trust in property infographic-1.jpg

Sentiment towards estate agents may not be as bad as initially thought, but everyone can agree there’s room for improvement. Consumers have even shared what they would like to see change for the better; to get ahead of your competitors, it’s well worth paying attention to the publics’ biggest gripes. Consumers are overwhelmed with choices when it comes to picking an estate agent, so it’s important to note that trust is the most decisive factor.

But how do estate agents build trust? Reviews may play an key role, especially when it comes to renters and younger consumers. However, only reviews which are genuine and therefore trustworthy, are valuable.

To see the full findings from our research, download the Exploring Consumer Attitudes Towards Estate Agents report today.

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