5 top tips for promoting your reviews on social media

Over the past few years, the growth of social networks has exploded. Worldwide, more than 2.46 billion social media users exist, and by 2021, that figure is expected to reach 3.02 billion. With such a huge potential audience available, you’ll no doubt want to use your social channels to share your greatest accomplishments.

Sharing your best customer and client reviews via social is a fantastic way to engage and build trust with your audience. If you collect customer feedback, you’re probably sharing reviews on social already; but are you getting the most out of those posts? Here are five tips for promoting feedback on social media.

1) Highlight the best part of the review

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Don’t just post a link to a review and state “We’ve received another 5 star review!” – it’s unlikely the majority of your audience is going to care enough to click through to read it. Avoid generic posts and instead focus on quoting the best parts of the feedback. You don’t have to quote the entire review, as customers can click through to read more, or check out your other reviews, if you provide the link.

2) Thank the customer for their feedback

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By thanking your customers in your social posts, you show that you read and appreciate the feedback you receive. This helps motivate other customers to leave a review when prompted, as they know you are likely to care about what they think of your products and/or service.

Where possible, customise the post further. For example, if you’re a travel agent, you could say: “Thanks for your review, Tim! We hope you enjoy your holiday in Corfu!”

3) Always include an image

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With so many posts and adverts vying for our attention, it can be difficult to stand out on your customer’s social feeds. A great image can make all the difference, so don’t just stick to using a default photo or logo. Instead, it’s best to opt for a photo of the product or service. If the customer left a photo review, use their image instead, if it is of a high enough quality.

Alternatively, create your own ‘Thank you’ or quote image, and brand it appropriately. There are plenty of simple-to-use tools out there that will help you do this, such as Canva or Adobe Spark.

4) Like and share positive comments posted on your social channels

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Keep an eye on what your audience is saying about your brand on social media, as many will use these platforms to share what they do and don’t love about your business. Positive comments, photos and videos are all worth sharing with your followers; especially if the people talking about your business are influential within your industry.

If your audience sees you’re sharing the best comments and photos from your fans, it will encourage them to start talking about your brand too, as there is a good chance you will read and share their posts.

5) Keep boasting to a minimum

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Too much self-promotion can turn audiences off, so be careful not to spam followers with positive review after positive review. Think about the possible reasons why people follow you on social: to discover new products, gain access to exclusive offers, to read tips and tricks – chances are, they don’t click ‘like’ just to see you patting yourself on the back.

However, when used sparingly, reviews are an excellent way to push someone who hasn’t yet made a purchase into a happy customer. Just make sure you are only sharing the best, and most informative reviews.

How to choose which reviews to share on social

If you receive hundreds of reviews every week, it can be difficult to pick just one or two to share. Here are some tips to help you spot the most helpful and beneficial feedback:

  • Reviews which support the claims you make in your marketing – For example, if your USP is that your website or product is easy to use, be sure to share feedback which confirms what you say is true!
  • Genuine feedback which isn’t overly complimentary – Always ensure the comments you are sharing are from a real customer. Consumers are worried about the rising issue of fake reviews, so feedback that sounds overly gushy, or comes from an unverified source, is unlikely to be taken seriously, and could even damage your reputation.
  • Short and sweet is key – With so many posts and images competing for your audience’s attention on social media, being eye-catching is vital. A two-paragraph long review is not going to capture interest. If the review you’ve chosen is lengthy, pick the best sentence or two to quote, then include a link to the entire comment in the post, in case your audience wants to read more.
  • Focus on the benefits to the customer – The review should be useful to your audience. Does it alleviate their fears about late delivery, value for money or product quality, for example? A review that simply states, ‘good service’, is not helpful to consumers.
  • Video reviews are more engaging – Young consumers, particularly men, are far more likely to prefer video reviews to written ones, and video content performs well on social media. On average, a Facebook video receives 135% more organic reach than a photo post! 

Being social is easy, with Feefo

If you’re a Feefo customer, sharing individual genuine reviews to Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest is simple. We’ve put together this handy Knowledge Base guide, which will show you exactly how to share your best reviews on social media.

Need additional assistance, or want to find out more about Feefo reviews? Get in touch with us today.

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