Tap into a better response rate, with Feefo SMS

If there’s a message you want your customers to read, it makes sense to deliver it in a way they’re most likely to read it, right?

We agree! Our R&D team are always working hard to improve response rates for businesses that collect

reviews with Feefo. From mobile optimisation, personalisation, customisation (and plenty more ‘-isation’s’ to boot), our feedback requests are built to get customers clicking, and interacting with your brand.

But when 98% of text message are read, why not skip the inbox, and go straight to where your customers spend most of their time?

Introducing Feefo SMS: the latest review boosting innovation, taking response rates to the next level.

By the numbers…

Today, only 22% of all e-mails ever get read: isn’t it time for a solution for customers on-the-go? When it comes to reaching your customers, the benefits of texts go on and on.

SMS isn’t just great for getting customers to read your message – texts actually produce engagement rates six to eight times higher than retailers who rely purely on e-mail marketing. What’s more, consumers are more likely to open a text message before any other type of type of mobile communication; that includes, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger.

Customers don’t just read them either – 75% prefer SMS for completing deliveries, promotions and surveys – like a feedback request. 31% respond, with an average time of within six minutes.

With millennials making headlines for phone addiction, it’s no surprise that SMS has the biggest impact on this digital generation. For them, SMS is their preferred form of communication from businesses, and 83% of them will open a text within 90 seconds.

TL;DR? Use text messages to reach your customers. They’ll get read, and you’ll get better responses: it’s a no-brainer.

How does it work?

Using Feefo SMS is easy. Once set up, you’ll be able to send a custom SMS feedback request to your customers, in just the same way as you send out e-mail feedback requests. You’ll still be able to send e-mail feedback requests as normal, so your customers will have the best chance of seeing your request, and leaving their review. You’ll benefit from an improved response rate, and more of that valuable feedback. Simple.

Feefo SMS is found within the new Campaign Manager functionality, that lets you take control of your feedback requests like never before. 

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