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There’s no better endorsement than the recommendation of a satisfied customer. Regardless of how much money you put behind a fancy advertising campaign; no matter whose famous face you stick on your marketing material: a simple thumbs up from a genuine person sells your products better than anything else.

Don’t just take our word for it. Studies consistently show that peer-to-peer content is more influential than a companies’ own advertisements, or celebrity endorsements. The reason is simple: it all comes down to authenticity. Consumers are increasingly savvy to sales tactics and crave a more genuine, trustworthy experience. The simple opinions, ratings and comments of fellow shoppers can make bigger waves than your brand’s slick product ads.

Harnessing the voice of your customer

Understanding how influential it is, user-generated content (UGC) has quickly established itself in the marketer’s arsenal. While UGC can be as simple as displaying reviews on your website, it’s not hard to find some truly creative ways of injecting customer created content into campaigns, with some impressive results.

A few years ago, Starbucks launched their ‘White Cup Campaign’, encouraging their customers to unleash their creative side by decorating iconic Starbucks white cups, and posting a snap to the #WhiteCupContest hashtag.


The campaign generated more than 4,000 entries within three weeks, with the winning cup design featured on a sales-boosting limited edition cup. The winner set up her own business, which now has tens of thousands of followers.

In 2016, Loews Hotel encouraged their guests to take pictures of their stay, their favourite activities, food in the restaurant, or anything else they fancied. With a clever slogan – ‘because nobody tells our story better than you’ – and a fresh hashtag: #travelforreal.  Loews not only did away with tired ‘professional’ photography or stock images, but provided authenticity to their hotel.


Powerful stuff – and all by using content created by customers. It’s a bit like having a marketing team the size of your customer base, creating content, promoting your brand, and reaching whole new audiences.

Review based advertising. UGC meets PPC.

We’re all about helping businesses hear what their customers are saying about products and services, and using that to improve their processes. We’ve jumped on the UGC bandwagon, by providing new ways to capture reviews, in text, picture or video. Understanding that shoppers prefer what other shoppers have to say, is the backbone of our advertisement strategy.

Using our sentiment analysis tools, Feefo helps businesses to analyse all of their feedback in real-time with machine learning. This can be used to draw out popular themes, topics and sentiment -not just positive and negative - but particular aspects about products and services that customers are talking about.


Are people raving about the cocktail bar at the hotel? The speed of delivery? The quality of the fittings in a kitchen build? That’s the sort of detailed insight that helps you craft superior advertisements, based on the genuine opinion of your customers.

Dynamic adverts across your social channels: Impressive results.

To take review based advertising even further, we’re developing the functionality to use your genuine feedback and ratings in your social media adverts. Our studies have shown that ads convert significantly higher when they feature star ratings, scores and feedback snippets.

Andertons, who have been using our latest Dynamic Advert technology in their Facebook ads have seen some incredible results. To measure their effectiveness, they split test ads with and without Feefo Dynamic content. They reported:

  • 151% higher conversion rate on ads with Feefo dynamic content
  • The overall conversion value increased by over 190%
  • Return on ad spend (ROAS) was 30% higher
  • 11% less for ads featuring Feefo review content

Impressive results, simply from utilising the genuine review content that you collect from your customers. That’s because Feefo gives you the tools to tailor your ads to specific audiences, to make sure they’ll always hit the mark.

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