Organic stars still exist! Why every business should be collecting product reviews


Last month, Google delivered some news which created panic amongst anyone who qualifies for organic stars. Until recently, websites were able to have organic stars appear alongside their reviews page, ‘about us’ page and product pages in the search results. Now, only product pages can qualify.

If you provide a service rather than sell physical products, you might think this is the end of the road for you and your organic stars. Well, we think it’s time to change your perspective. Let’s take a look at how your industry can start using product reviews to its advantage.

The benefits of product reviews

Organic stars can build trust in your brand and increase click-through rates and conversions, but they’re just one reason to start collecting product reviews.

Increase trust in your service

The service (or services) you provide are your products, which is why you need start collecting product reviews. The more information you have on your product pages, the better, and additional photos, videos and comments from genuine customers can help persuade those who are on the fence to get in touch with you. Product reviews not only build trust in your services, they also give browsers a better idea of what to expect from your service, giving people the confidence to choose you.

Boost visibility in search

Reviews provide fresh, unique, user-generated content to your product pages, which Google loves. This can help increase your site’s visibility in organic (non-paid) search, bringing more visitors, and ultimately customers, to your site.

How can my industry collect product reviews?

Still don’t think your business qualifies? Here are some examples of the different types of services within your industry that you could be collecting product reviews for.


  • Valuation appointments
  • Tenant finding services
  • Mortgage advice services


  • Different types of insurance e.g. home, pet, car, holiday, etc.
  • Different types of bank accounts
  • Personal and business loan services


  • Types of outsourcing (e.g. project, service, process, etc.)
  • Job seeker recruitment services
  • Training programmes


  • Different levels of service available (e.g. a car wash with a bronze, silver & gold level service)
  • Different packages


  • Hotels
  • Holiday packages
  • Travel insurance


  • MOT
  • Repairs
  • Vehicle models


  • Different types of games and slot machines
  • Different types of sports bets

Are service reviews still important?

In a word, yes! Service reviews tell you what your customers overall experience with your business was like. It’s an opportunity for customers to tell you what they thought of things like your customer service, delivery, website or high street store. Without this information, you can’t improve your customer experience or start to identify your strengths and weaknesses.

Display service reviews across your whole website, from the home page to the checkout page, to show your business can be trusted and you provide an excellent customer experience.


Still confused about organic stars? Our Everything you need to know about Google stars guide answers every question you may have about seller ratings and organic stars. Download it for free here.

Everything you need to know about Google stars


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