How to make your customers fall in love with you again

It’s all too easy to lose touch with your customers. Maybe they’re threatening to run off with a competitor; have fallen out with you due to a poor experience, or maybe you've been a bit too heavy-handed with your email marketing and they just needed a break.

Whatever the reason, all is not lost. Those relationships can be salvaged if you take the right approach. Make the effort though, and you’ll be rewarded - not with roses and chocolates - but with higher customer retention and more repeat sales.

So how do you woo unengaged customers? Here are six ways to help put the spark back into tired relationships.

1) Show them you care, spoil them a little


Everybody loves a gift or an exclusive discount code, and they are both great ways to make a customer feel valued and tempt them to come back to you. It never hurts to tell someone ‘We’ve missed you,' and re-engagement campaigns are particularly popular amongst retailers, who want to encourage quiet customers to make a purchase. 

As re-engagement campaigns are a frequently used tool, it's important to stand out from the crowd. Try and find an approach that is tailored to your business and your customer, and don't be afraid to have a personality. Raising a smile can be enough to reignite their interest in you and if the customer has a positive experience, they are likely to become a loyal shopper again.

Don’t just limit offers and rewards to your unengaged customers. We all love the personal touch, so make better use of your database and treat shoppers on Valentine’s Day, their birthday, and other special occasions. Consistently re-engaging consumers will help to retain their business in the future and secure that all-important, positive word of mouth.

2) Everybody loves a good listener


Relationships require two-way communication, and collecting customer feedback is an excellent way to ensure that your customers can have their say, and demonstrate that you are prepared to listen. By asking for an honest opinion, you show you care about their experience, opinions, and want to improve your business.

While no one enjoys receiving a negative review, they can be incredibly helpful for identifying why a customer may not want to do business with you again. This gives you an opportunity to rectify those issues, and win that customer back!

Ensure that the feedback platform you use allows you to analyse the data you collect and highlight any trends. If, for example, there are hundreds of customers complaining about poor delivery, and you manage to solve the issue, you can let your customers know you’ve changed couriers and your service has improved, which may convince them to shop with you once more.

3) Plan the best dates!


Exclusive customer events are a fantastic way to engage with consumers, even if they haven’t made a purchase from you in a while. VIP events make your customers feel special, while more open events can create a community vibe - both help to build relationships and are a great incentive.

Consumer events don’t have to be offline. If you’re a global business, you may want to organise online-only events, such as early access sales, webinars, expert Q&A sessions and Twitter chats. For example, if you’re a travel company, you could invite tourism experts from specific countries to answer any questions from your customers.

This is a fantastic way to increase engagement and could push people to finally speak to you about their dream trip to Thailand.

4) Don't play hard to get; do make yourself available


Email is still the most popular marketing channel, yet 34% of personal emails are never opened in the UK. If customers aren’t opening or engaging with your emails anymore, provide them with the option to get the same information elsewhere.

Point them in the direction of your social channels, helpful online content, or offer to text them instead. Your customers’ preferred methods of communication will differ according to the audiences you target, so make sure you do your research before offering a suitable alternative.

5) Encourage them to stay loyal


One of the best ways to keep your customers coming back to you, and not a competitor, is a loyalty scheme. The vast majority of UK adults (92%) has at least one loyalty card, but these schemes are nothing new, and therefore need to be truly rewarding to secure returning customers and keep them engaged.

Understanding your audience is vital when it comes to building a lasting relationship. Ask your customers what they would like to see from a loyalty scheme – offering points in return for pounds may not be attractive anymore, especially to younger customers, who might be more drawn to exclusive deals and events.

6) Don’t be afraid to take a break


Bombarding a customer who isn’t interested can be a bit of a gamble, and you run the risk of scaring them off for good. If you’ve tried to re-engage a customer, but they still haven't responded, then offer to unsubscribe them, or reduce and further tailor the messages they do receive from you. For example, they may not want to unsubscribe from your emails completely, but they might only want to be contacted a maximum of once per month, or receive messages about specific products.

Giving your customer more control over how they are contacted can also boost engagement and therefore sales. A customer is much more likely to make a purchase if the messages they receive from you are personalised and relevant.

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