Killer riffs that are blowing up conventional customer insight

By Matt West, CEO at Feefo

“The musicians play their instruments. I play the orchestra” – a saying attributed to Steve Jobs that has always stuck in my mind.

Now that I’m CEO at Feefo I don’t intend playing every instrument, I can assure you. Nobody wants to listen to me destroying Bohemian Rhapsody on the kazoo. Being disruptive is one thing, but there’s no place for torture in the modern workplace.

Apart from anything else, we already have a brilliant orchestra, full of accomplished people who make an amazing team and we’ll be recruiting even more to ramp up our customer experience expertise that our clients truly love and keep wanting more of.

Just to be clear, many of our innovations started in collaboration with our clients. We are continually working to update how artificial intelligence (AI) and customer review data improve the experience for millions of consumers. Customer experience has undergone a revolution in the last few years and the pace of change is increasing. Brands need to respond.

Our clients sit on a frequently-overlooked goldmine of data in all the feedback their customers submit to our smart systems. But it often requires AI to unlock the true potential of actionable insights from it, so that clients understand their customers far better, spot trends and are able to respond rapidly.



Companies know they need a more holistic view of the entire customer journey, so they can stay ahead of sudden shifts in demand or sentiment. It’s through the capabilities of our AI that we enable them to do that. To keep the music analogy going, we’re working hard to ensure every insight is the equivalent of the killer riff in Smells Like Teen Spirit (shows my age) or the chords that open Beethoven’s Fifth. These are insights that should blow the minds of those using more conventional approaches to create impact.

I haven’t had to spend much time pondering life and the pursuit of happiness to see a clear future at Feefo. Instead, to move this business forward at pace, we want to keep it real here, listen to our customers and deliver value every day.

Throughout my career I have worked in many businesses using technology to help understand consumers better. Now that I’m leading a company giving its clients hugely valuable business insights from real reviews contributed by their real customers, I’m proud of what we have achieved so far and love our aspirations as a business.

As 2019 unfolds, and I focus on conducting the orchestra, we will be growing our gifted customer insight team, enabling us to expand into more verticals and deliver ever-more compelling intelligence. But rest assured, the killer riffs you’ll be hearing from Feefo will be as direct and effective as the opening chords to Smoke On The Water. Like the whole team at Feefo, I’m focused on where we can deliver real value.


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