Invite-only vs open reviews – the truth about invite-only feedback

Here at Feefo, we might not always get it right (nobody’s perfect!), but we’ll always strive to support businesses, big and small, who put their customers first. We know some of our competitors have a lot to say about us, so here are a few myths about invite-only reviews and why we stand by our convictions.

3 myths about invite-only feedback

1. ‘Invite-only platforms don’t give customers an accurate picture of a company’s reputation, especially if you’re having trust issues.’

The exact same could be said of open platforms. While some consumers may suspect that businesses can pick and choose who gets to leave a review on an invite-only platform, literally anyone can leave a review on an open platform, verified or not. Open review platforms such as Amazon, Google and Trustpilot have all suffered with fake reviews, an issue we know is a big concern for consumers (72% are worried about fake feedback according to our research).

Feefo has an independent compliance team that regularly perform checks on accounts to ensure data is not being manipulated. In cases where there are compliance risks, we work with these clients to operate using best practice, or we terminate their contracts. Cherry-picking or manipulating sales data in any way is against our Terms.

Unfortunately, no review platform can tick every single box, but at Feefo we believe businesses shouldn’t be plagued by damaging fake reviews.

2. ‘Consumers can’t find your reviews if you use an invite-only platform. An open reviews platform makes you more discoverable.’

This simply isn’t true; the way you choose to collect public-facing feedback doesn’t affect your SEO (search engine optimisation) or how easy your reviews are to find, as long as you’re using a trusted independent reviews platform. Like many other review sites, businesses who use Feefo get their own reviews page and can qualify for seller ratings and organic stars in Google.

3. ‘It’s easier to collect feedback by sending customers a link to your review page.’

This one is a matter of opinion, of course, but at Feefo we offer a few different ways to automatically send your data to us. This allows you to completely automate the review collection process, so as soon as someone makes a purchase with you, they’re automatically sent a feedback request at a time specified by you. If you’d like to know more, please get in touch with our support team.

Alternatively, we offer another solution that allows you to collect private, anonymous feedback with a simple link, from whoever you want, whether they’ve bought something from you or not. Feefo Surveys makes it quick and easy to get the insight you need from the audiences that matter to you most. Once you’ve created your survey, you can distribute it via a link which can be posted anywhere you want, allowing you to collect feedback on absolutely anything you like, from your new website design, to how well your customer service team resolved an issue. Click here to find out more about Feefo Surveys.

Why we believe invite-only is the best policy

For over ten years, we’ve stood out as a review platform thanks to our invite-only approach. We strongly believe that fake feedback is incredibly damaging to businesses, and the problem only seems to be getting worse – 83% of shoppers believe unscrupulous sites often put up fake positive reviews to trick consumers. Platforms are constantly upping their technology game to detect and put an end to fake feedback, but, as we know from our own experiences of receiving unverified feedback on other platforms, fraudsters are still finding ways around this technology. Some platforms don’t even give you the option to opt out of receiving feedback at all, which can severely damage a business’s reputation.

We can’t promise to solve your reputation woes on other platforms that refuse to help unless you pay, but we can help you build a reputation with a platform that ensures every single review is verified and from a real customer.

Trust and reputation are only one small part of what makes customer feedback important. That’s why we promise to enable you to truly listen to your customers, improve your customer experience and build a better business. From private and public reviews to anonymous surveys, we provide the tools you need to better communicate with your customers and understand their ever-changing needs and expectations.


We hope that’s gone some way to explaining how Feefo is different from other review platforms, and why we choose to stand out. If you have any questions about how Feefo works or how any of our solutions can help your business, please get in touch with our friendly team.

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