How winning a Trusted Service Award gives our clients the edge

Grabbing your customers' attention can be tough. With more competition than ever before, especially online, businesses need something to set them apart. Genuine reviews and acclaimed awards, such as our Trusted Service Award can make a positive difference.  

We spoke to two Feefo Trusted Service Award winners about how they use their awards to attract more customers.  

“Awards differentiate us from the rest,” says Stuart Rolf, Customer Service Improvement Manager at Invopak. “We’ve won multiple awards for our customer service - local, regional and national. It’s easy to gain online reviews, but to actually win awards and maintain this consistency year after year really gives you the satisfaction that you’re at the top of your game.”  



“It’s easy to take your foot off the pedal, to accept that you offer ‘good’ customer service. But for us, we want to offer more than good. We want to offer what we call a ‘world-class customer experience’, so having that end goal of obtaining a Trusted Service Award gives us that gold achievement and gives our customers the confidence that we care about them and their business.” 

Beth Roach, Ecommerce Manager at The Museum Selection, also values the power of their Trusted Service Award when it comes to standing out. “I believe the Trusted Service Award allows small businesses an opportunity to shine. If you listen to your customers and take their feedback on board, your score will only improve.”  

Reassuring customers when they need it the most  

In today’s challenging financial climate, customers are cautious about where and how they spend their money. A Feefo Trusted Service Award can offer them the reassurance and confidence needed to trust your business.  

“As a small business, the Trusted Service Award allows us to provide confidence to shoppers,” says Beth. “Typically, our customer is not the most confident when shopping online, so to have the award gives reassurance on their journey to conversion.” 



“The Trusted Service Award and the reviews that are available for everyone to see gives any new business the confidence that they’re dealing with a reputable company. A company that does what they say they will,” explains Stuart from Invopak. “It’s based on genuine customer reviews - it’s the voice of the customers, good or bad, and we learn from it and constantly improve what we do thanks to them and their feedback.” 

Encouraging good businesses to get even better

Our annual awards give our clients something to aim for. A marker that shows they are improving and are constantly providing excellent service.  

Beth from The Museum Selection explains: “It gives our team something tangible to work towards whilst presenting to our customers that we do value their feedback and take it on board. It’s a huge achievement and something that the whole company works towards. 

The tiers of the award allow you to grow, so you can win Trusted, but what’s stopping you from working with your team to be Gold Trusted? Then what’s stopping you from maintaining Platinum?” 

Keeping staff motivated 

Of course, many of our clients proudly promote their awards externally, but those businesses who share their winning news with their team see a positive impact on staff morale too.  

“The first thing that you want to do is scream and shout about it externally. That’s a given with an award. But use it internally,” suggests Stuart. “It’s a massive engagement tool. It’s a real way of giving your colleagues the confidence that they are doing the right thing. 

“Think about your customer cycle; all the people involved in offering customer service. Off the back of achieving our award, we saw a massive change in our operational teams’ behaviour. They quickly realised that what they did day-to-day really impacted what customers thought of us.” 

Giving businesses endless marketing opportunities 

We want to see you use your awards in every way imaginable, which is why we provide our winners with a pack full of assets to use across your marketing. Our clients have seen great results by displaying their awards throughout their customer journey. 

“Your award is something to shout about, so presenting it at key touchpoints along the user journey will only build confidence,” says Beth. “We do use it across a lot of marketing channels. We make sure to show it in a variety of places. It’s part of every footer, it’s part of every touchpoint that the customer sees. It’s even on pay-per-click messaging.” 

Similarly, Invopak makes sure they get the most from their award win.  

“We promote it on our website, it’s on email signatures and it’s on our social media,” says Stuart. “It’s a great tool for linking into any communications we send internally and externally.” 

In 2023, we’re taking our Trusted Service Awards even further.  

In addition to their Trusted Service Award, a select few of our clients will win our brand new Feefo Exceptional Service categories, which recognise businesses that have shown excellence in key customer review areas. We will make these awards across eight different industry sectors according to business size. To read more about our new categories, and how you can qualify for our Trusted Service Awards, read our blog.   

We will announce the winners in January 2023. In the meantime, you can keep an eye out for updates across our social media channels.  


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