How to use AI to get to know your customers better

How well do you know your customers? We’re not asking if you’ve ever invited them round for dinner or if you send them a birthday present every year, but whether you really know what they want and how they feel about your business.

Having a better understanding of your customers’ wants and needs can improve sales, and more importantly, loyalty, but how do you get started? We share some of the ways artificial intelligence can help - now and in the future.

Anticipate your customers’ thoughts, feelings and needs

Customer complaints can escalate fast. If you don’t respond quickly enough or with the right message, a customer can go from mildly annoyed to “I will never do business with you again” real fast. When a customer raises an issue, what if you could predict the outcome of the conversation before it’s even begun?

AI-powered products, such as Zendesk’s Satisfaction Prediction, allow you to do just that, which means you can prioritise the support tickets that need your urgent attention. The AI uses data based on previous customer interactions to predict how the customer is going to react to each issue. How you handle those support tickets is up to you – for example, you may choose to send high priority tickets to a specialist team, so they can be dealt with swiftly.

Use feedback to understand how your customers feel towards your business

Customers reviews are great for getting feedback on your service or products, but AI can help take that insight further and really pinpoint how your customers feel about specific aspects of your business.

Products such as Feefo’s Performance Profiling use machine learning (a type of AI) to automatically identify the topics your customers are talking about and their sentiment (how they feel) towards them. For example, if you see the word ‘delivery’ is being talked about in a negative context repeatedly, you can look behind those reviews and take action before more negative reviews flood in. Similarly, the AI will also identify the things that people are loving, so you can focus on promoting those parts of your service. 

Performance Profiling

Understanding what makes your business special to your customers can help you improve your products and service and create better marketing collatoral, as you can tailor PPC adverts, product pages and more based on what they care about.

Listen to the voice of your customer, literally

AI is now being used to analyse the way we speak to each other and predict the outcomes of relationships, and it can pick up on far more than we can ourselves. In one study, AI technology was used to listen to recordings of conversations between married couples and measure the cadence, pitch and how long each person spoke for, as well as aspects of speech humans are unable to pick up on, such as spectral tilt (a complex mathematical function of speech). Despite not being able to understand the content of each conversation, the AI was slightly more accurate at determining whether the married couples would still be together two years later, than professional therapists.

This type of AI technology may be in its infancy, but it could be invaluable for businesses in the future. By training an AI using recorded telephone conversations with your customers, the technology could be used to measure loyalty by predicting whether they are likely to buy from you again.


There are so many ways AI can help you get to know your customers better, but collecting reviews is the first step! Find out how to connect with your customers, by speaking to our friendly sales team today.

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