How to write compelling ad copy for PPC campaigns

In the ultra-competitive world of pay-per-click advertising, it’s no longer just about what you sell, but how you’re selling it. Competition (as well as cost) for ad space at the top of Google’s search results page is increasing and with it comes a need for businesses to differentiate themselves in new and innovative ways.

PPC has become an intricate game of fine margins, where something as simple as the quality of your ad copy can be the difference between getting a flood of web traffic or not.

Our PPC gurus have put their heads together and come up with some handy tips on how to craft compelling ad copy that your prospects won’t be able to ignore.

Inject emotion into your ads

Unless you're selling something niche, then it’s likely that your prospects are going to be faced with an endless sea of similar products when they start searching online.

People are driven by emotion - so use this to your advantage to make your ads stand out from the crowd. Get into the mindset of your customers and start thinking about what emotional triggers would get them clicking through to your website. Instead of describing what your business offers, get people excited about how your product or service can change their lives for the better.

Alternatively, play on people’s anxieties and drive them into action by offering them a solution to a problem you suspect them of having. Be careful not to pray on negative emotions too much, however, as you risk your brand becoming associated with these feelings of negativity.

Make it personal

One of the easiest ways to inject positive emotion into your ads, is to make them more personal. If you’re collecting customer feedback already through a verified source, such as Feefo, not only do you have the chance of benefiting from seller ratings, but it also gives you a wealth of positive sentiment to draw from when writing future ad copy.

These people are already some of your biggest fans and make for convincing advocates. Pull out useful feedback from your real-life customers to endorse your ads. Including their reviews helps to build trust in your brand and encourages people to focus on the positives of your product or service.

Our PPC experts have developed a unique way of identifying the best bits to use for maximum impact, so get in touch today if you want some free help and advice.

Get to the point

Let’s get real for moment. In the cut-throat world of PPC advertising, few people care about you or your product. All customers want to know is how can you help them, and how much it is it going to cost! Get to the point and make it obvious why people should choose you over your competition.

Don’t waste precious characters describing generic product features; cut out the waffle and go straight into the benefits for the customer. Start by including your unique selling point in the ad’s headline and include keywords that you know people are searching for to make it crystal clear that your ad is relevant.  

The fear of missing out

So, you’ve got yourself a compelling advert that cuts through the noise and speaks directly to your prospects - great job, but you’re not done yet! Consumers can be a stubborn bunch, and even crafting the perfect ad copy might not be enough to get them to click.

The final piece of the PPC jigsaw is adding an element of urgency. Creating a ‘fear of missing out’ can be just the thing to give consumers that final push. Including a call to action that creates a time limit or limited amount of availability forces prospects into action. Even Google understands the power of FOMO and offers specific extensions that let you add real-time countdown clocks onto your ads. So, what are you waiting for? Add a timer today and see what it can do for your click through rates.

Find a way to be different

With so many businesses fighting over the same small piece of internet real estate, all you need is a way to be different! Whether that’s by adding a splash of humour, a dose of emotion or a smattering of reviews. Remember, with so few characters to work with, your ad copy needs to present your business in a compelling yet concise way in order to drive traffic to your site and justify your ad spend.

If you’re looking for ways to boost your PPC performance, then give us a call. Contact our friendly team of Google experts today for your free PPC audit.

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