How to retain customers after the Black Friday buzz

Black Friday kicks off a busy time in the retail shopping calendar that in 2019 generated an astonishing £8.6bn worth of retail sales in the UK alone.

As well as products, services are often in high demand, as customers book in their vehicles for a seasonal service, organise festive parties, and spend more time at the gym as the general prep for the holiday period begins.

This year, Black Friday happens on November 26th 2021. If you’re not sure where to start on your Black Friday journey, you might want to read our tips for Black Friday and beyond first.

Black Friday is a proven opportunity for every business to drive sales and attract new customers. But how do you maintain that momentum once the dust has settled? Take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to grow your business and make sure you succeed after the Black Friday buzz has gone.

Keep the deals coming

We’ve all been dazzled by a Black Friday deal. Time-limited promotional discounts disrupt the market and encourage us to break free from our usual retail routine. But if prices rise once the introductory offer has finished, what’s the first thing you’d do?

Customers are savvy enough to shop around, and price swings will impact your brand’s reputation.

96% of customers say they use reviews in some way, with more than 60% reading reviews before they make a purchase.

So once you’ve welcomed lots of lovely new customers, you can leverage reviews to help nurture that fledgling relationship into a serious, long-term commitment! But how do you do that?

Ask for feedback

Whilst the customer IS always right, why wait for them to tell you how they feel? If you don’t ask, you’ll never know. And if you don’t know, you’ll never grow.

Currently, 30% of all retail transactions occur during Black Friday and Christmas. This 30-day period is a significant opportunity to gather valuable data insights and learn about your customers.

You may already have a robust feedback system in place, but don’t leave it to chance. Stress-testing your processes during peak retail periods might leave you off the pace and out of pocket.

But by collecting feedback you can help improve your business and foster better relationships with your customers. Making changes off the back of better data insights can increase customer loyalty.

Feefo has a range of tools for business designed to help you collect the right information:

  • For simple and practical insight, add Feefo Surveys as a popup on your site
  • If you have a physical presence and want to improve store performance, try Feefo Places
  • To gather data at more points along the journey and boost your customer experience, we recommend our Campaign Management Tool®
  • And to measure loyalty over the all-important Black Friday period, discover your Net Promoter Score - and increase your chances of gaining repeat business.

Promote customer-driven changes

Overwhelmingly, Feefo customers tell us that once they enter a feedback loop with their shoppers, they never look back. And by building that understanding of what shoppers think and feel about your products and services, you’re taking massive steps on the pathway to improvement.

In this way, you’re repeatedly showing customers that you are a business that listens, learns, and implements new ideas like product changes, service upgrades and any other positive (or negative) factors consumers feel are important to them.

Catering equipment supplier Nisbets uses Feefo ratings and reviews to improve their business, with customer feedback and the resulting changes displayed on their website:

Nisbets feedback v2

Love your customer service team

A bump in Black Friday sales can do wonders for your business – but are you ready for “Returns Thursday?” In recent years, the first Thursday in December has shown perhaps the true cost of Black Friday - A 143% increase in the return of unwanted items, many of which are impulse purchases, on a single day

1-in-3 shoppers say they return what they buy on Black Friday, with up to £30m worth of goods returned to stores.

Swathes of extra shoppers wanting to send back items will have a ripple effect through your logistics chain, your warehouse staff and your customer service team. Longer wait times as a result of resolving new customer enquiries could impact the expectation of your existing loyal customers.

Help people make more informed choices by updating messages on your call waiting system, as answers to the most pressing matters should already be covered off on your website.

Another way to ensure you’re in top shape for this second wave of activity is to follow our 7 ways to support your customer service team.

Find out more

Black Friday offers businesses the chance to put their product or service front and centre during the most high-profile shopping event of the year. With the proper planning, you can effortlessly keep customers happy whilst using genuine feedback to help improve the way you work.

Want to know more about how Feefo can help improve brand loyalty? Call us on 020 3196 8098 or get started here.

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