How to get your digital ads firing on all cylinders

UK businesses are predicted to spend a whopping £14.73 billion on digital ads this year – an 11.2% increase on 2018’s figure. With so much budget being invested in digital marketing, there’s more pressure than ever to prove you’re getting the most bang for your buck. best return on investment (ROI) as possible.

If you’ve gotten into a bit of a slump with your digital ads, here are five things you need to do to ensure you’re winning clicks, customers, and outperforming the competition.

1. Get your audiences right

It’s a no-brainer: if you’re not targeting the right people, with the right ads, at the right time, they’re not going to click. Define your objectives – what do you want the advert to achieve? What action should you audience take once they’ve clicked your ad? Once you know, you can start to build a target audience that are more likely to respond to your ads.

Don’t chase quantity over quality – target specific people and specific journeys to get higher quality clicks and conversions.

2. Grab their attention


Why should people click on your ad rather than your competitors? It’s not enough to appear at the top of Google – there are now so many ads vying for consumers’ attention, and that’s before they scroll down to the organic (non-paid) results!

Google extensions, such as seller ratings, can really help catch shoppers’ eyes and build trust in your website before they’ve even clicked your ad. To find out more about seller ratings, and how to become eligible for them, check out our guide.

If you’ve got amazing customer reviews, why not use quotes from your genuine customers in your digital ads? Our Review Enhanced Ads product uses sentiment analysis software to highlight emotive keywords and phrases and automatically pull them into your pay-per-click (PPC) ads. Using real endorsements from your customers is a great way to stand out, as not many of your competitors will be doing this!

3. Use clear calls-to-action

What action do you want users to take once they’ve clicked your ad? Make a purchase? Call your business? Book an appointment? Whatever you want the call-to-action to be, make sure it’s relevant to your brand, service and products.

It’s also a good idea to try and create a sense of urgency; phrases such as ‘Buy now – stock limited’ and ‘Book now to avoid disappointment’ help convince shoppers to act immediately. Generic phrases like ‘Learn more’ or ‘Read more’ don’t stand out, so try to be as specific as possible.

4. A/B test everything


Changing the smallest elements in your ads can make a huge difference to their performance, so it’s vital to split-test everything. From your headlines and body content to your calls-to-action and imagery, make sure you’re constantly tweaking them and testing them against one another.

Software like our Review Enhanced Ads continuously A/B tests the reviews content in your ads, so you know you’re always putting money behind your best performing ads. There are always going to be new brands with new ads popping up to try and beat you to those top spots, which is why it’s so important to keep split-testing and improving!

5. Make sure your landing pages are up to scratch

Getting people to click on your ads is one thing but getting them to convert once they’re on your website can be even trickier. If they clicked on your ad because they were interested in a particular offer, they’re going to expect to be taken through to a page that lets them make use of it, not a homepage or a generic list of products. Essentially, your ad is setting a certain expectation as to what a consumer expects to see once they click, if the two don’t match up they’re unlikely to convert.

Depending on how many ads you’re running, you may not be able to create a bespoke landing page for each one, but you can use dynamic content, which allows you to tailor content on your site based on information such as a user’s location, whether they’ve visited the site before and which channels they came from.

Need more help with your ads?

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