[Infographic] How to create a winning business

We have a winner! The month-long festival of football has ended, and congratulations to France for lifting the famous World Cup trophy. They had many stand out performers over the course of the tournament, but in the end, it was a real team effort that guided Les Bleus to the title.

At Feefo, we’ve put together our very own line-up of the 11 key players we think will lead your business to glory. Check it out!


In goal, we’ve got sales! Every great team is built on a solid foundation, and it’s no different for businesses. The revenue generated from sales keeps your business operating and profitable, and when you strip away the rest of the team it’s often sales that saves the day and keeps you in the game.  


In defence we the foundations of any successful business. Winning teams are often built from the back, with dependable pillars in defence that provide a strong base from which to build. Businesses work in the same way.

Before you get to ahead of the game you need to ensure that you have a solid business in place with a strong vision, a dedicated and happy workforce, a product or service with a unique proposition and are dedicated to providing a fantastic customer experience. 


The heartbeat of any successful business is their customers, so at the core of our midfield we have two players with a strong customer focus.

Blossoming businesses listen to their customers and use that insight to guide their decision making for the better. Collecting independent reviews from a trusted reviews company, such as Feefo, is a fantastic knowledge source for understanding what makes your customers tick.

Once you’ve established a clear picture of who your customers are, where they shop and what motivates them, you can pass the ball to your skilful digital team to start working their SEO and PPC magic to assist with lead generation.


Up front we have two difference makers who’ll guarantee your business remains top of the league for an extensive time – brand identity and a future proofing strategy.

Creating a lasting brand that resonates with your customers can turn your business into a lifelong brand that people trust and depend on.

Partnering this with future proofing your business will ensure that your company scores plenty of goals for years to come. Proactively investing money and time in technology and research will help your business stay ahead of the curve, and more importantly the competition.


If you’d like to find out more about how Feefo can help you create a winning business, get in touch today.

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