7 ways reviews can help you build a better brand reputation

A lot rests on your reputation. No, we’re not talking about those photos on your Facebook you don’t want your boss to see, we’re here to talk about brand reputation. One of the most important assets your brand can have, your brand reputation acts as a signal, letting your customers know whether you’re worth spending their valuable time and money on.

You can’t improve your brand reputation by throwing money at big, flashy marketing campaigns. It’s something that you need to earn, and it goes much deeper than the quality of your actual products or service. A shining brand reputation is built from a combination of things: great products, consistently good service, meaningful customer interactions, great content, and glowing customer feedback. Here’s how customer reviews can help your brand reputation.

1. Prove the quality of your products or service

Let’s start with the obvious. If you’re proud of your products and service, you should let everyone know. Reviews give your customers the perfect platform to shout about what they love about you, filling potential shoppers with confidence and sticking a lovely big trust signal on your website. And those reviews that aren’t so complimentary? They’re not necessarily bad for your reputation – we’ll go into that in more detail later.

2. Improve your customer experience

As we’ve discussed many times before, consumers these days expect more than ever, and a good customer experience is quickly making its way to the top of their wish lists. Reaching out to your customers to see how they feel about their interactions with you is the first step to discovering your weak areas, so you can get to work on improving the customer experience. And you know what’s really smart? Your customers will now have a way of shouting about how great their experience was – doing wonders for your brand reputation!  

3. Put your brand at top of the search results

Reviews have transformed the search rankings game. By collecting feedback you’ll be providing search engines with plenty of user- generated content, and you’re more likely to make your way up the rankings. You don’t need us to tell you why appearing high in the search results is great for your brand reputation, but if you want to read more about how reviews can help out, check out our SEO guide.

4. Keep an eye on what people are saying

You can’t build or improve your brand reputation without constantly monitoring what people are saying about you. As well as keeping on top of your social mentions to keep track of how you’re perceived, tools such as Feefo’s Performance Profiling can accurately measure the positive and negative customer sentiment from within your reviews.    

5. Create loyal brand advocates

One of the best things about reviews, is that they can carry on working long after they’ve been posted. It’s safe to say that if your customers are happy enough to sing your praises in a review, they’ll continue to do this on and offline, promoting your brand amongst their network and strengthening your reputation. Being as credible and influential as they are (consumers respond well to recommendations from people that don’t work for the brand and haven’t been paid), don’t underestimate the power of a brand ambassador!  

6. Show you can deliver on your promises

What could be better for your reputation than showing that you’re listening to your customers? By providing a platform to spark conversations, you give yourself the opportunity to respond to queries, show that you’re willing to make improvements, and even better, actually make those changes. Just by addressing your current customers, you’re not only more likely to keep hold of them, but attract new ones too.

7. Turn bad situations around

Believe it or not, negative customer reviews can be just as useful as positive ones. They let you know how you can improve your business and help to build on your customers’ trust. The best opportunity lies within how you go about replying – a well written response could even turn your grumpiest customer into a loyal brand advocate! Find out more about responding to negative reviews here.

These are just a few ways that reviews can help you build a better brand reputation – but it doesn’t stop there! To find out more, contact a member of our team.

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