How to improve your response rate

As an invite-only reviews provider, we understand how important it is that your customers supply feedback when they’re asked. We also know that grabbing the attention of your customers can be tricky. So, how can you improve your response rate so that you can gain as much customer feedback as possible?

We’re always working hard to find ways of improving your response rates, but there are some things that you can do to help.

1. Send your emails to the right people

No matter what product or service you’re selling, not all your consumer’s journeys will be the same, so there’s no reason why their emails should be. For example, your business may sell online as well as having brick-and-mortar stores, or perhaps you offer a diverse range of products which appeal to various demographics. Creating multiple campaigns to target these different customers won’t just provide the best customer journey, but it will also give you the most relevant insights.

By unlocking Multiple Campaigns within Campaign Manager, you can segment your data and create an unlimited number of bespoke campaigns. This means you can target specific customers with tailored requests, and even adapt questions to specific customer journeys.


2. Make sure your emails get opened

So now you’ve figured out who your emails are going to, let’s look at how you can optimise your open rate and get those emails read!

What’s the best time to send feedback requests?

When it comes to getting a response, timing is everything. The highest open and conversion rate tends to be towards the middle of the week (from Tuesday to Thursday), and according to research, 10am is the best time to send an email if you want people to read it.

You should also consider at which point in the customer journey you want to reach out to your customers. Do you want them to feed back on the ordering process? The delivery? Or the actual product or service itself? You’ll need the email to arrive at exactly the right time so that the experience is fresh in their minds, which should improve the chances of getting a reply.

What are the most effective subject lines?

Don’t underestimate the power of a well-crafted subject line – this is your ticket to stand out in a busy inbox. So, what makes a click-worthy subject line that your customer just can’t ignore?

Research from Mailchimp suggests that attention-grabbing subject lines should be:

  • Personalised – Whether this be with a name or location, personalisation is shown to increase open rates in many cases.
  • Snappy – Remember that lots of your customers will be checking their emails on their phones, so the shorter the subject line the better.
  • Invitations – Recipients are intrigued by invitations and announcements.

3. The important bit – get a response!

Now that your email has been opened, let’s get your customer engaged and responding.

Emails that are personalised tend to perform the best, so customise, customise, customise! Feefo allows you to change just about anything you want when it comes to the content of your email. From the header and the greeting to the body of the text, make use of all the different fields you can personalise to make your email as well suited to your customer as possible.

You’ll want your email to be scanned quickly by your customers, so keep it simple and decluttered and make sure you include an eye-catching call to action.  

Don’t be scared to follow up your feedback request with a quick reminder – despite your best efforts to get a response the first-time round, there’s every chance that your email got missed.

There’s no one quick-fix to improve your response rate – there are lots of different factors that can affect it. Making just one small change in your email requests can have a massive impact, so it’s worth taking some time to audit your process to see where you may be able to improve. As a starting point, check out the reporting suite in the Feefo hub for an overview of your whole review process, and get a summary of the different touchpoints that could do with some improvement.

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