How Feefo reviews can work for your business

With online shopping set to account for almost 38% of total retail sales in 2022, consumers are more willing than ever to spend a considerable amount of time and effort researching a product online before deciding to purchase it. Reviews and ratings are an essential resource in this process, but they’re even more valuable when you can guarantee they’re real reviews from real customers.  

Fake reviews cost the world economy $152 billion in 2021. They can harm a business’s reputation. They mislead customers too. No wonder Feefo’s research shows that 81% of businesses and 78% of consumers want to be free from them.  

Real reviews are what Feefo does best. Feefo is an invitation-only platform, which means you get verified reviews from real customers, who have interacted with your business. Our reviews provide meaningful responses from your customers to help identify what’s working well and where your next opportunities might be. You can read, respond to and analyse all your feedback from customers in the Feefo Hub, using the insights to build trust in your brand, improve sales and perfect your customer experience.  

How can Feefo benefit your business?

With the vast majority of consumers (97%) saying that customer reviews factor into their buying decisions, let’s look at how Feefo reviews can work for your business. 

Increase sales

Studies have shown that when customers leave positive reviews and star ratings on products, it boosts online sales by up to 18%. In fact, they’re one of the biggest influences on a customer’s buying decision, with 85% of consumers trusting online reviews as much as personal recommendations.  

Displaying reviews of individual products has also been shown to increase sales. Products with positive reviews are even more powerful, selling up to 200% better than those without. With reviews being such a trusted method of recommendation, incorporating them into your offering online using one of Feefo’s on page review displays can be hugely beneficial.  

Improve your customer experience 

Replying promptly to feedback and proactively responding to issues shows you’re committed to good customer service. The Feefo Hub makes it easy to respond to feedback, allowing you to thank customers for positive reviews and respond helpfully to negative ones. You might be surprised to learn that 89% of consumers pay as much attention to what a company writes back to a review as they do to what the customer says. 

By listening to feedback, you can spot issues as they arise. Feefo helps you identify trends in your reviews, making it easier for you to address any problem areas and improve your service. You can respond directly to your customers and start a conversation to find out more about their experience or close the loop to ensure their concerns are resolved. 

Build trust in your brand

Building brand trust is important for every business. Customers need to be confident in your ability to deliver on what you’ve promised them. There are many factors that can affect brand trust, but one of the most influential is customer reviews. Using an independently verified review platform like Feefo that collects real reviews from real customers establishes your business as a brand that people can trust.  

Being transparent and open about how your customers rate your product or service, by displaying reviews on your website, for example, can help your business improve customer confidence. And with Feefo’s invite-only platform ruling out the potential for fake reviews, you can be confident in the knowledge that all your reviews are from real customers. 

Boost traffic and conversions online 

Your Feefo reviews can go a long way to improving your performance in organic search results and generating Google stars. What’s more, by incorporating Feefo reviews into your adverts, your click-through rate could be three times higher than without, getting more customers to visit your website and make that all-important purchase.  

Being tactical about where you position feedback can also increase conversion rates. Simply displaying reviews can increase conversion by 270%, while placing relevant reviews beside associated call-to-action buttons can help your customers make more informed buying decisions.  


If you’re interested in collecting real customer reviews to help boost your business, get in touch with us today. We can show you the difference real ratings and reviews can make.

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