Gopak investigates impact of Feefo

Brighton-based digital agency ThoughtShift was tasked by Feefo merchant Gopak

with investigating the impact of Feefo and the results are, even from our perspective, impressive!

Feefo is a ratings and reviews platform, generating independent customer feedback on behalf of retailers, travel operators, financial institutions, business service providers and organisations representing a host of other sectors. Gopak relies on Feefo to not just generate feedback, but to make it available for prospective customers to read and be influenced by.

ThoughtShift undertook extensive research in to consumer activity on the website and data analysis of digital advertising to draw impressive conclusions that validate the use of Feefo.

The highlights of the report show that Gopak experienced:

  • Cost Per Click decrease of 12%
  • Click Through Rate increase of 29%
  • Bounce Rate decrease of 8%
  • Conversion Rate increase of 6.7%
  • Organic Traffic increase (year-on-year) of 245%.

???????Download the Gopak Study on use of Feefo by ThoughtShift.

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