Getting the most out of your Trusted Service Award – 6 tips from our customers

Each year, everyone at Feefo gets excited for the Trusted Service Awards. We love seeing and hearing how different businesses use their awards across various touchpoints - from your website footer and company email, to printed and digital assets - even TV and social media campaigns.

If you'd like to learn how to get more from your Trusted, Gold or Platinum Service Award, we've put together six sure-fire tips from the experts themselves... Our customers!

1. Stand out from the competition

Every business knows how hard it is to stand out, especially online. Genuine reviews and awards can be a real differentiator, no matter what industry you’re in.

“At Invopak, awards differentiate us from the rest,” says Stuart Rolf, Customer Service Improvement Manager at Invopak. “We’ve won multiple awards for our customer service, local, regional, and national. It’s easy to gain online reviews but to actually win awards and maintain this consistently year on year really gives you the satisfaction that you’re on the top of your game.

“It’s easy to take your foot off the pedal as well, to accept that you offer ‘good’ customer service, but for us, we want to offer more than good, we want to offer what we call a world-class customer experience, so having that end goal of obtaining a Trusted Service Award gives us that tick in a gold achievement box and gives our customers the confidence that we care about them and their businesses.”

Beth Roach, E-Commerce Manager at The Museum Selection, adds: “I believe the Trusted Service Award allows small businesses an opportunity to shine. If you listen to customers and take their feedback on board your score will only improve.”

“We’ve known for several years that social proofing is great as it’s highly influential for both new and existing customers,” notes Sue Stevenson, Marketing Director at Donald Russell. “I think the Trusted Service Award provides customers with a really recognised accolade, so it helps them build confidence in the brand especially when for us our brand awareness isn’t as huge as other competitors.”

“I believe the Trusted Service Award allows small business an opportunity to shine. If you listen to customers and take their feedback on board your score will only improve.”


2. Build trust in what you do

2020 saw a huge influx in online shoppers, and not all of them were, or indeed still are, confident when deciding what to buy and who to trust. A Trusted Service Award can provide reassurance and boost buyer confidence, our customers explain.

“As a small business the Trusted Service Award allows us to provide confidence to shoppers,” says Beth. “Typically, our customer is not the most confident when shopping online, so to have the award gives reassurance on their journey to conversion.”

“The Trusted Service Award and the reviews that are available for everyone to see gives any new business the confidence that they’re dealing with a reputable company, a company that does what they say they will, which is put the customer first,” explains Stuart. “We chose Feefo because it’s based on genuine customer reviews – it’s the voice of our customers, good or bad, and we learn from it and constantly improve what we do thanks to them and their feedback.”

“I think ultimately it just shows us and the customers how passionate we are about great food and providing great customer experience for every customer, every time,” says Sue. “We really believe that the customer experience and quality of the products are fundamental to the success of our business.”

3. Always aim to improve

One really interesting thing we learnt from our customers on the podcast is how businesses use their Trusted Service Award as something to aim for. A marker that shows they’ve improved or are still providing a consistently excellent service.

Beth explains: “It gives our team something tangible to work towards whilst presenting to our customers that we do value their feedback, we take it on board, we will listen to them and you can see that with our existing customer feedback. It’s a huge achievement and it’s something that my team and the whole company really, really work towards and are really proud of when they receive their award.

“The tiers of the award allow you to grow, so you could be Trusted in 2021 but what’s stopping you from working with your team to be Gold Trusted? What’s stopping you from maintaining that Gold Trusted to then become Platinum? It is important; don’t be too proud to shout about it.”

4. Motivate your staff

We love how excited our customers get about the Trusted Service Awards every year, and it’s great to hear that so many businesses use the awards to motivate their staff and show them that they’re doing an excellent job.

“The first thing that you want to do, is you want to scream and shout about it externally, I accept that, that’s a given with an award, but use it internally,” suggest Stuart. “It’s a massive engagement tool. It’s a real way of giving your colleagues the confidence that they’re doing the right thing.

“Think about your customer cycle; all the people involved in offering customer service. Off the back of achieving our award, we saw a massive change in our operational teams’ behaviours – our pickers, our packers, our drivers, some of our teams that were less customer-facing. They quickly realised that what they did day to day really impacted what our customers thought of us. The care and attention when packaging our customers’ products, as an example, or the friendly and helpful manner we show when delivering our goods to the end-user.

“We get feedback on how our goods are packed, we get feedback on our drivers, so we let them know. We let them know how they’ve made a real difference to our customers.”

5. Use it across your entire customer journey

If you’re a winner of a Trusted Service Award, don’t just do a quick post on social and leave your digital trophy to gather dust, make the most of it! We provide you with loads of assets in your Winner’s Pack that can be used across your marketing, and our customers have seen real success when they display their award throughout the entire customer journey.

Beth states that The Museum Selection uses the award in everything from their catalogue and social media channels, to their email and pay-per-click marketing campaigns.

“This is something to shout about, so presenting it on key touchpoints along the user journey will only build that confidence,” says Beth. “We do use it across a lot of marketing channels. We actually come from a direct mail background, so we made sure to show it in a variety of places, continuing that omnichannel dialogue. It’s part of every footer, it’s part of every touchpoint that the customer sees, it’s even on PPC messaging, so we certainly shout about it.”

Sue also notes that Donald Russell uses the award everywhere they can.

“It’s a key tool for us to provide customers with the information that they need about our brand, but also the information that they need about any specific products and services that they’re considering,” explains Sue. “We feature the award, and obviously reviews, throughout all of our marketing comms: website, emails throughout the whole CRM journey, also in our branding and acquisition creatives, through to landing pages and partnership campaigns, so really we use it everywhere.”

Stuart echoes:

“We promote it on our website, it’s on email signatures and it’s on our social media. It’s a great tool for linking into any communications we send internally and externally. We often include it in our posts – something like ‘don’t just take our word for it read our genuine customer reviews on Feefo to find out why we’ve been awarded a Trusted Service Award’.”

6. Don't be afraid to shout about it!

The final, and one of the most important, from our customers is if you’re a winner you should be proud and ready to shout about it. It’s a fantastic achievement for your staff, especially during a tough and turbulent year. So, prepare those social posts and put the champagne on ice!

“I think once you’ve got to that point of winning an award, don’t be afraid to present it,” says Beth. “Your team has worked hard to achieve this and not only has your team worked hard but the whole company must have worked hard. You’ve got to have a good product, you’ve got to have good customer service, you’ve then got to have good aftercare, so when you achieve it, don’t be afraid to shout about it. Be proud of it.”

Sue adds: “I think you should be really proud that you’ve won a Trusted Service Award. It can only help your business, essentially. Both new and existing customers can recognise that they’re investing in a reputable brand. They can trust that brand to deliver great quality products and exceptional customer service, and I think it helps us throughout the business, not only for customers but internally in really focusing the efforts of everybody to help keep that award and drive great customer experience.”

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