Get your business Feefo fit this summer!

Summer – the time of year that so many of us look forward to: The weather is warmer (usually), eating buckets of ice cream becomes acceptable again, and ‘business’ meetings in the local pub garden are a regular occurrence.

But what do the summer months mean for your business? Is this the time for you to take a well needed break and wait for the rush of the Christmas period?

Absolutely not! Summer is the most important time to get ahead of your competition and prepare your business for this busy and profitable period, with the likes of Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Boxing Day sales. That’s why we have put together our six hottest tips to help your business get ‘fit’ over summer and become the best version of itself.

Follow our Feefo fit plan and you can get your hands on our FREE guide to consumer reviews, containing everything you need to know about collecting and utilising genuine feedback, building strong customer relationships and driving the performance of your business.

Let’s take a peek at the topics we’ll be covering.

Week one

Shape up your SEO with user-generated content

We’ll explain why reviews benefit search engine optimisation, the power of user-generated content and how to make the most of it. If you want to boost the organic performance of your website, don’t miss next week’s tip!

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Week two

Turbo boost your PPC campaign with AdWords Seller Ratings

In week two, we’ll explain the importance of Seller Ratings and how they can benefit your AdWords campaigns. If you’re new to Pay per Click (PPC) advertising, or believe there’s more you could be doing to boost paid traffic, this tip is for you!

Week three

Integrate reviews to increase conversion rate optimisation (CRO)

Reviews are vital for boosting trust in consumers, but where they’re placed on your website can be the difference between customers choosing to buy now, or abandon their shopping basket. We’ll show you how to best integrate your reviews to encourage more of your customers to buy.

Week four

Use reviews as a gateway to better customer relationships

Whether positive or negative, reviews are an excellent way to improve the relationship your business has with its customers. We’ll teach you how to respond to negative reviews and make the most out of the positive ones.

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Week five

Eliminate fake feedback to improve business insights

We’ll explain why your business needs to steer clear of false feedback and what you can do to eliminate it completely. Unsure what a fake review looks like? We’ll show you how to spot them, too.

Week six

Keep your finger on the pulse of review innovation

The world of genuine reviews is far from standing still. There are some exciting developments around the corner, some of which we’ll detail in our Feefo fit guide. We’ll explain how you can benefit from these amazing innovations and how they are guaranteed to keep you ahead of your competitors.

Your FREE guide to consumer reviews

At the end of the six weeks you’ll have the chance to download Feefo’s Guide to Consumer Reviews – containing all the information you need to start collecting, and maximising feedback, so you’re ready to make the most out of the busiest time of year.

Follow our steps to get your business Feefo fit!

We’ll be posting a new tip every week, so keep a look out on our blog for the first one, which we’ll be publishing next Thursday. We’re here to motivate you to make the changes that will hugely benefit your business – if you can’t wait to get started, contact us now for a free demo.

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