Five Ways to Get to Know your Customers Better

Happy #GetToKnowYourCustomersDay !

Want to get to know your customers better? Take a look at our five tips to do exactly that:

1. Ask for feedback

Want to know what your customers think? Just ask! 75% of shoppers expect to be able to leave their comments and opinions, so make sure you’re taking every opportunity.

This could be ‘why’ your customers have decided to make a purchase from your site or ‘how’ you can improve upon your customer service. By asking for feedback, you are actively engaging with your customers and demonstrating that you value their thoughts.

2. Improve your service

Use their feedback to improve the customer experience. Was the product not as expected, or the delivery not on time? Use this valuable knowledge to make improvements, resolve any issues and demonstrate outstanding customer service.

3. Extend Engagement beyond a Single Purchase

Extend your customer engagement beyond a single transaction. For example, if you know that your product lasts for a certain period of time, get back in touch with your customer when you know they will be looking to purchase again. This encourages customer loyalty and going the extra mile with great customer service builds trust.

4. Engage on Social Media

Being active on social media keeps you engaged with your customer base. Share content that reflects your brand, and keep your customers interested.

5. Timing is Everything

Deciding when to ask for reviews is crucial in improving the quality of feedback. When reviewing an online booking experience, it would be best to send a feedback as soon as the booking has been completed. Alternatively, when purchasing a product online, the feedback request could be sent once the courier has confirmed delivery. In that way, the experience will be fresh in the customer’s mind.

Get to know your customers by collecting genuine feedback. Find out morabout how Feefo’s invite-only platform can build trust with your customers, and give you valuable business insights.

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