Five reasons why product reviews are important

When buying a new pair of headphones or that jacket you’ve been eyeing up for months, we bet you don’t click the ‘buy’ button without doing a bit of research first. Our 2018 Consumer Report found that 94% of us check customer reviews when looking to purchase a product or service. While service reviews are great for discovering if your website, customer service team and delivery met customer expectations, product reviews are specifically about the item the customer bought.

Here are five reasons why product reviews should be important to retailers.

1. They build trust


How does a customer know if a product will work or an item of clothing will fit if they can’t find any reviews on your product pages? Feedback from other customers help them decide what to buy or not – for example, do they need to buy a size up? Is the quality as good as the manufacturer claims? Should they buy this product, or is there a better version available?

Honest reviews from real customers can help shoppers feel more secure they are making the right choice, as they can read the good and bad points of each product. Don’t worry about displaying negative reviews either – 56% of shoppers would be suspicious of a company or product if they couldn’t see any negative reviews, according to our 2018 Consumer Report.

2. They provide shoppers with more information

Product descriptions are helpful, but they are essentially a sales pitch and can’t mention every single feature or use for your product. Customer product reviews often highlight features you didn’t know were important or give more example or context about how an item can be used. Photo and video reviews can be particularly helpful to shoppers, as they show what the product looks like in real life instead of a photoshoot and allow customers to explain their opinions in more detail.

3. They increase conversions


If customers trust you (and your products), they’re more likely to buy from you! 95% of customers say they are more likely to be loyal to a company they trust. By including product reviews on your product pages, shoppers don’t need to go elsewhere to get more information about your product or confirm it’s a good purchase.

Want to boost conversions even further? Products like Feefo’s Smart Themes automatically identify key topics in your reviews, making it easy for shoppers to find and read the review they care about. For example, if they’re buying a smartphone and want to know what the camera is like, they can click the theme ‘camera’ to bring up every review (both good and bad) about that feature. After implementing Smart Themes, The Perfume Shop increased web conversions by 13.5%.

4. They drive more shoppers to your product pages

Collecting product reviews can help your pages to appear for organic and paid stars in Google. Search engines love fresh, unique content and if your pages are set up correctly, you can become eligible for those eye-catching stars that appear next to your pages in organic (non-paid) search results, as well as on any paid Google Shopping campaigns.

To find out more about how reviews can help with your SEO, download our free e-book.

5. They can help you improve your products


There’s little point wasting money on rebuying products that have major faults, but you may not be aware of why customers are returning items if you’re not collecting feedback on them. Product reviews can help you to identify and resolve issues – for example, does the item always get damaged in transit? Is there a feature that needs to be improved? Are your dimensions or sizing off? By listening to your customers’ experiences, you’ll reduce returns and ensure you only sell quality products that shoppers actually want to buy.

Customer feedback can also highlight the best features of each product, allowing you to run better promotions and improve your product descriptions.

Start collecting product reviews today

Of course, product reviews are only helpful if they come from genuine customers. Feefo is an invite-only platform, meaning only real shoppers can leave feedback. To find out more, get in touch with our friendly sales team today!

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