#FeefoTrusted Service 2017: Raising the standard

It’s back! And better than ever. This year’s #FeefoTrusted Accreditation takes our award to new heights, for businesses that meet our standard of trust.

For the customer service champions, fighting fake reviews and providing exceptional service to customers every day – this award is their chance to shine. At Feefo, we’re all about helping businesses listen to their customers, and use that insight to better understand how to delight shoppers, and build a stronger brand. Those that meet our standard, receive the Trusted Service Award.

What’s new?

With a few updates from 2016’s Trusted Merchant award, we’ve changed the name to better reflect what this award is all about: ‘Trusted Service’ makes it clear that winners are dedicated to providing a great experience for their customers – and because only the genuine ratings from real customers count, it’s recognition that can be trusted. Furthermore we’ve streamlined the categories and criteria, making it clearer for both businesses and customers to understand. Overall, we think you’ll love the changes, and we can’t wait to award our highest recognition of trust to some incredible businesses.

You’ll find plenty of information on our new Trusted Service site. This includes useful FAQs, criteria and more. We’ve made it even easier for winners to shout about their achievement too – with a dedicated winner’s portal, containing everything they need; including digital assets, certificates and media pack.

Winners will be announced soon – so stay tuned!

The bottom line

This is our favourite time of the year – when we acknowledge the hard work of businesses using Feefo to guide better decisions, and make memorable experiences for their customers. Our innovative review collection platform ensures only genuine customers are invited to leave their valuable feedback, meaning you only hear from authentic buyers from your brand. That means every review, every opinion, every Feefo award, is credible – because it’s all based on the feedback from real customers.

Could your business be the next Trusted Service winner?

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