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Consumers now expect the perfect customer experience from start to finish. Your customer reviews can help you build a pretty good picture of how you’re doing, but do you really know the full story?

Why do visitors leave your website before making a purchase? What do your customers really think about your customer service? How easy is your new mobile site to navigate?

Feefo Surveys gives you the keys to unlock all of this potential insight and ramp up your customer experience, guided by the voices of those that have experienced it firsthand.

Why Feefo Surveys?

Surveys tie everything together. Working alongside your customer reviews, they can give you a 360-view of your customer experience and help you to discover new and eye-opening revelations that can elevate your customer journey to the next level.

Here’s five ways Feefo Surveys can help you:

1. Quick and easy feedback in an instant

Request feedback with a simple link. All responses are anonymous so there’s no need for data capture; just reach out whenever and wherever you need to.

  1. 2. Fill the gaps in your knowledge

Reach out beyond your customer base to learn why some prospective customers aren’t converting and build a clearer picture of your brand reputation from a wider audience.

  1. 3. Gain internal insight

Happy staff = A great customer experience. Surveys is a quick and easy way to improve employee engagement and identify internal issues that could be getting in the way of your success.

  1. 4. Make life a little easier

Collecting reviews, gathering CX insights and using a standalone surveys tool? Bring everything together with one simple solution.

  1. 5. Sentiment analysis at no extra cost

With Feefo Surveys, sentiment analysis technology comes as standard, so you can get a clear snapshot of trending issues, positive points and how people feel about your brand, hassle free.

Surveys screenshot 3-1


How does Feefo Surveys work?

Creating engaging and insightful surveys has never been easier. With five question types to choose from, including: multiple choice, text, rating scales and drop-down menus; collect the feedback you need in an instant, anyway you like.

Flexible Survey Creation

With a simple survey builder accessible straight from the Feefo Hub, creating your ideal survey is a breeze.


There’s no limit to the number of surveys you can run, and no limit to the amount of questions you can ask, so tailoring your surveys to match your customers and their experiences is easy.

Take customers on a personal journey

We’ve built sophisticated skip logic into our surveys tool, letting you automatically vary your questions based on a user’s previous responses.

Surveys screenshot 2

This gives you the opportunity to create smarter surveys that help keep your respondents engaged by only showing them the questions that are most relevant to their experience, whilst giving you the information you’re after.

Save and share

Once you’re done building your survey, now it’s time to share it with your customers. Your surveys can be completed by anyone, anywhere, giving you the freedom to share them across every platform using an automatically generated link.

Why not create a pop banner on your mobile site to get feedback about usability? Or share a survey on your social channels to discover customer opinion about the latest trends? It really is up to you.


So, what are you waiting for? Start creating your first surveys today! Get in touch with a member of our friendly sales team to find out how. And to find out even more about the features included in Feefo Surveys, why not check out our guide.

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