Feefo research reveals 81% of businesses still lack the resources to make AI work for them

Our latest research reveals widespread enthusiasm for the use of artificial intelligence (AI) applications to improve customer engagement, but also a shortage of resources for effective implementation.

There is currently no lack of optimism about AI. A recent study by consultants Accenture, for example, calculates that AI systems could add up to £654 billion to the British economy by 2035.

That is a huge store of potential that every business will want to tap into, but at Feefo, we are interested in how businesses are approaching the whole AI question now.

Our research

We asked 100 senior IT decision makers about approaches, resourcing and implementation for what could be a make-or-break technology. Where did they foresee the greatest benefits and how would they obtain them? Did they feel their organisation was well-equipped and did they have all the resources in terms of skill and capital investment?

Some of those responding were owners, others were board members or in senior management, but all were grappling with AI.

The report covers three key areas:

  •       What do we expect of AI and how will it work? Which sectors are most enthusiastic about AI, and what sort of functionality do they expect to deploy?
  •      How can businesses make a success of AI in customer engagement? What additional resources do businesses need, and how much is each sector investing in AI?
  •      Who is driving AI development in organisations and how will success be measured? Do board and senior managers have a good understanding of AI? What does success look like from sector to sector?

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For more information about what we found, or to discuss any of our research, get in touch with us at marketing@feefo.com.

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